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[selenium] - archive upload longer timeout
longer timeouts
oops..extra space in string
fix the assert text for secure test
update for epp cp01
cp01 pdfs
update for epp 4.3 cp01
update for epp cp01
update for epp cp01 release
update for epp cp01
JBQA-2181: NPE on denied access

update version numbers
JBQA-2181: NPE on denied access

NPE on denied access
disabling not relevant tests for epp
enabling tests disabled by mistake
disabling coordination and bugportlet
JBPORTAL-2368: Setting the ResourceResponse.HTTP_STATUS_CODE property does not modify the actual server response status code
add xaction
- Removed useless (and wrong) dependency.
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- Minor: use safe cast.
- Moved read methods to CoordinationManager as it's more logical for them to be there.

- CoordinationConfigurator now extends CoordinationManager.

- Producer can now validate registration properties. Of course, current implementation of acceptValueFor is no-op, so...
[selenium] - longer ajax timeout
[selenium] - nearly all javadoc
Using Portlet Bidge CR1

Tagging examples

  1. /examples/tags/Enterprise_Portal_Platform_4_3_GA_CP01
Tagging CP01 doc

- Using correct version (Will show SP1 instead of CP1 since the Version class is packaged in the common module and I don't want to tag the common module just for that)

[JBEPP-60] [JBEPP-54] - Using PortletResponse.addProperty(javax.servlet.http.Cookie) does not set the cookie in the response