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JBEPP-44: NullPointerException may happen when destroying a session
JBEPP-43: Identity portlet english resrource file typo
JBEPP-42: Several submit buttons in a form don't work with partial refresh enabled
JBEPP-41: Portal admin portlet / Dashboard configuration can be slow with many objects/dasboards
JBEPP-40: Performance degrades as number of portal objects/dashboard increases
JBEPP-39: Page parameters updates are not reflected with partial refresh
JBEPP-38: When using explicit parameters, those parameters aren't passed
- Updated from 2.7.2

- Slightly modified styles (green instead of red for DnD zones, re-added bigger tab menu with less padding)

- Minor improvements.

Fix testcase

add transaction to testGetChild
Fix typo which caused modes to not be set properly.
Fix the merged parsing deployer to handle the situation where a jboss-portlet.xml file is missing and no appId has been set.
Trying to get partial refresh and DnD working in most browsers...

Temporarly update the build.xml files to reference the JBoss AS5 core libs in thirdparty.
  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
Temporarily add to jars for AS5 until they are sorted out where to add the to jboss repository.
  1. … 13 more files in changeset.
Update to use the metadata module instead of internal metadata classes.
  1. … 57 more files in changeset.
Create AS5 Deployer branch from revision 12894
  1. … 1821 more files in changeset.
Remove the transaction definitions from the wsrp-aop.xml, these are now defined in the portal-aop.xml in the portal sar.

Add dependency on jboss-portal-sar since it now defines the aop transactions.

Temporarily remove second level cache from hibernate.

  1. /branches/JBoss_Portal_AS5_Deployer/wsrp/src/etc
Temporary fix to get it widgets working on AS5.
Add reference to resource bundle and supported locale to the instances metadata.

Fix typo.

Make portlet.xml files properly validate against the xsd.
Need to catch potential NullPointerExceptions that can occur now that the ServerDeployer isn't being used for wars that contain portlets.
Use portlet context to get reference to resource instead of the context classloader.
Add jboss-dependency.xml to handle service dependencies.
Update PortalJSP to properly initialize the jsp.

Temporality remove second level cache from hibernate.

Enable transactions in the portal-aop.xml since they are no longer enable by default in AS5.

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remove validation from login box

remove validation from login page
Tagging JBoss Portal 2.6.8 docs