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Add layout TLD deployer.
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- JBPORTAL-2367: should solve the infinite loop issue.
- JBPORTAL-2366:

+ RequestProcessor.initInvocation now takes a more specific WSRPPortletInvocationContext as parameter for downstream processing of WindowContext.

+ RequestProcessor.createNavigationalState now uses StateString factory method as it should (which should lead to less duplicated processing).

+ RenderRequestProcessor.initInvocation now remembers which namespace is used for this invocation so that it can be re-written when the markup is processed

without having to bracket it with marker strings.

+ WSRPPortletInvocationContext now provides access to WindowContext so that request processors can know what the namespace is.

+ Use safer namespace generation algorithm.

- Use StateString.JBPNS_PREFIX since it's where the constant is instead of ParametersStateString.

- ActionRequestProcessor.initInvocation doesn't deal with navigational state anymore since it's dealt with in RequestProcessor (less duplicated processing).

- JBPORTAL-2355:

+ Do no use & in URLs anymore, use &.

+ Now throws an exception in case a doubly encoded & is ever detected again (so that we can detect them better)

+ Adapted test to change of behavior.

- JBPORTAL-2365: make injected services transient as they shouldn't be serialized... A better analysis of the situation is still required.
- JBPORTAL-2366: Removed bracketing of id by jbpns / snpbj when creating a namespace. This was used to allow re-writing of markup but a better alternative should be implemented now.
[selenium] - new version of extension; finding in table fix
- Oops, committed too fast, forgot import!
- Make AuthorizationBean subclasses Serializable directly to be sure...
[selenium] - max window before debug shot
[selenium] - debug into end2end bea portlet creation
[selenium] debug into e2e portal
[JBPORTAL-2361] - Added null checking and set headers if FragmentResponse too
[selenium] ajax timeout
[selenium] - debug into archive tests
JBPORTAL-2361: Using PortletResponse.addProperty(javax.servlet.http.Cookie) does not set the cookie in the response
Opening up the API a bit :-/

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- Make AuthorizationBean and subclasses serializable.
- Added safeEncodeForHTMLId and safeDecodeForHTMLId methods used to ensure that a PortalObjectPath can be properly used as an HTML/javascript id.
selenium - new lib added
selenium - newest version of tests
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italian update
italian update
Changes/Updates to accommodate Brazilian Translation

Put encoding="UTF-8" explicit in portlet-instance.xml

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Minor cleanup.
Remove old references to aop usage in the deployer.
Add portlet module separated from main deployer module.
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  2. /modules/deployer/trunk/portal/src/main/java/org
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Remove code from main deployer module into submodules.

Add theme dtd files to the deployer.

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Create portlet submodule from main deployer module.
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Add theme deployers.
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  1. /modules/deployer/trunk/theme/src/main/java
  2. /modules/deployer/trunk/theme/src/main/java/org
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