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[selenium] - javadoc dir not deleted when running tests
- JBPORTAL-2365: Make several beans serializable and mark as much state as possible as transient.
[selenium] - more javadoc for tests
Using portlet 2.0.7


Tagging portlet modules


[selenium] - more javadoc
[selenium] - new target for generating javadoc, some javadoc annotations in testclasses
JBEPP-59: JBoss Portal WSRP id namespacing is causing issues with some other WSRP implementations

JBEPP-58: Default portlets store non serializable attributes in the session

JBEPP-57: Ampersand sign (&) may be double encoded when going through WSRP

JBEPP-55: Italian translation update

JBEPP-50: Adding support for brazilian portuguese

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Should really be pt-BR (instead of pt_BR) but a bug is preventing me from doing it
Put br flag back
Update libs

JBEPP-56: German translation fixes

JBEPP-56: German translation fixes

JBPORTAL-2362: Improve german language-resource-files in portal-cms.war, portal-admin.war and portal-users-samples.war
JBEPP-54: Using PortletResponse.addProperty() does not set the cookie and transport headers in the response

http security profile integration via a servlet filter
upgrading bridge to 1.0.0.CR1
- Adapted test cases to change in behavior with & encoding. Note that & should still be encoded as & when going through the WS stack (which is not the case for the tests).
[selenium] - test descriptions in javadoc
Remove some of the old deployer classes.

Add theme deployment support.

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