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- JBPORTAL-2415: properly handle the empty search string (it really should be done at the search level though).

- JBPORTAL-2410: report error instead of saving configuration with old values (which is correct but confusing for users).

- JBPORTAL-2413: Fixed issue with predefined properties. Values should also be properly validated now.

- JBPORTAL-2410: fixed error reporting.

JBPORTAL-2412: Validate registration policy and registration validator class names.

JBPORTAL-2410: Use h:message instead of h:messages for error reporting (need to test more that this doesn't have unexpected side-effects since I've seen some already)

- JBPORTAL-2409: Properly use the correct constructors (somehow this didn't make it in the last commit)

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M core-admin/src/main/org/jboss/portal/core/admin/ui/PortalObjectManagerBean.java

- JBPORTAL-2409:

+ Properly inject bean context in PropertyBean and subclasses.

+ ManagedBean.PropertyValidator can now provide error message key to checkNameValidity for better error reporting.

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Oracle 11 works with Oracle 10g Dialect according to: JBQA-2424
JBEPP-68: JSPPortlet issue with brazilian portuguese locale
JBEPP-93: 8443 connector does not contain emptySessionPath="true"

Added a note about emptySessionPath="true" in the documentation

Adding CP
Setup of selenium tests with HTTPS in EPP.
[selenium] - xss tests in wsrp producer refactoring
[selenium] - cms file validation assert message fixed
Removed empty directory that didn't get removed with the previous commit.
Moved tests to appropriate spot and changed package.
adapting the testsuite to the new framework
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[selenium] - new asserts, suite fix
adapting the http-profile tests with the new framework
adapting the http-profile tests with the new framework
adapting the http-profile tests with the new framework
backing up some code
testsuite refactoring
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testsuite refactoring

testsuite refactoring
testsuite refactoring
establishing baseline before fixing the testsuite with the new framework
refactoring clear separation between an application agent and the policy server