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Ignore attempts to change the content type once the output stream is obtained
[JBPORTAL-2453]-additional parameters for gadgets are lost when the gadgets are displayed - merged from EPP branch
JBPORTAL-2453: additional parameters for gadgets are lost when the gadgets are displayed

- Cleaned-up WSRPProducer interface to add configuration contract to interface.

- Moved session and init cookie configuration methods to ProducerConfiguration where they belong.

- Removed obsolete dependence on registration module.

Fix issue with Tomcat not having jaxb in its classpath.

Update version of JBoss remoting to prevent a potential issue where the server will silently stop running some of the tests.

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Fix the remote tests.

Update the server version test to consider SNAPSHOT releases.

- Properly remove JAX-RPC code.

- Rewrote RemoteSOAPInvokerServiceFactory to use JAX-WS facility instead of parsing WSDL. Needs to be tested.

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last two changes
corrected after proofread
translation done
- Updated admin GUI so that it compiles and packages with Maven. NOT tested yet.
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  2. /jbossexo/modules/wsrp/trunk/admin-gui/src/main
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one module left
- Reverted back to using assembly plugin so that we can get a jar to be used by admin GUI as an artifact.

- Added classes to assembly descriptors though the method of adding them is rather crappy... :(

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- Merged formerly extracted registration module into producer module as it won't be used for anything else, normally.
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3 modules left
- Adapted to changes to InstanceContext.
- Re-added consumer module, updated to use JAX-WS. Now compiles but still need to work on packaging.

- Adapted to changes to PortletContext (getState method doesn't exist anymore).

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  2. /jbossexo/modules/wsrp/trunk/consumer/src/main
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some copy&pastes
some changes in kbabel
some docs backup

* note: delete the .braindump files once incorporated into organized docbook modules

some changes done
- Moved WSRPExtensionHandler to JAX-WS, lost ability to configure handler.

- Moved registration package from producer to common as it is also needed by GUI, removed dependency on producer classes.

- Removed common dependency on JAX-RPC.

- Added @HandlerChain annotations to endpoints.

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UserGuide all done
7 left now
10 left in Dynamicity
Basics done
20 left in Basics
finished one file
Fix test failures.
Enable the federating portlet invoker as the portlet invoker service used in the portal.