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[JBEPP-120] - Additional parameters for gadgets are lost when the gadgets are displayed - merged from EPP branch
[JBEPP-120] Branch for patch
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It fixes a bug when the user take the dashboard for the first time. If there is some denied access, the dashboard is half imported and it generates a NullPointerException. See JBPORTAL-2456
For newer Maven versions (such as used in Hudson)
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Ignore attempts to change the content type once the output stream is obtained
[JBPORTAL-2453]-additional parameters for gadgets are lost when the gadgets are displayed - merged from EPP branch
JBPORTAL-2453: additional parameters for gadgets are lost when the gadgets are displayed

- Cleaned-up WSRPProducer interface to add configuration contract to interface.

- Moved session and init cookie configuration methods to ProducerConfiguration where they belong.

- Removed obsolete dependence on registration module.

Fix issue with Tomcat not having jaxb in its classpath.

Update version of JBoss remoting to prevent a potential issue where the server will silently stop running some of the tests.

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Fix the remote tests.

Update the server version test to consider SNAPSHOT releases.

- Properly remove JAX-RPC code.

- Rewrote RemoteSOAPInvokerServiceFactory to use JAX-WS facility instead of parsing WSDL. Needs to be tested.

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last two changes
corrected after proofread
translation done
- Updated admin GUI so that it compiles and packages with Maven. NOT tested yet.
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one module left
- Reverted back to using assembly plugin so that we can get a jar to be used by admin GUI as an artifact.

- Added classes to assembly descriptors though the method of adding them is rather crappy... :(

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- Merged formerly extracted registration module into producer module as it won't be used for anything else, normally.
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- Adapted to changes to InstanceContext.
- Re-added consumer module, updated to use JAX-WS. Now compiles but still need to work on packaging.

- Adapted to changes to PortletContext (getState method doesn't exist anymore).

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  2. /jbossexo/modules/wsrp/trunk/consumer/src/main
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some copy&pastes
some changes in kbabel
some docs backup

* note: delete the .braindump files once incorporated into organized docbook modules

some changes done
- Moved WSRPExtensionHandler to JAX-WS, lost ability to configure handler.

- Moved registration package from producer to common as it is also needed by GUI, removed dependency on producer classes.

- Removed common dependency on JAX-RPC.

- Added @HandlerChain annotations to endpoints.

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UserGuide all done
7 left now
10 left in Dynamicity
Basics done