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- JBPORTAL-1298: Resource URLs now use an absolute URL and properly adds the WSRP rewrite tokens.
- JBPORTAL-1298: encodeResourceURL will now get the host name from the request to properly build an absolute URL for the resource and add the WSRP rewrite tokens.

- Added test cases.

- Fixed isRegistrationValid.
- Increase timeout to 5 seconds. Should maybe be externally configurable?
- Removed DTD definition since no EntityResolver is installed for the tests (easy way out).
- Always add keywords even if they're not present in the portlet description.
- Register deployer with main deployer before asking it to deploy default-wsrp.xml!
added a todo for GG
- removed the edit_content and view_content, just use edit and view as it was not trivial to really interpret those modes into the portal

- fixed bugs in PortletRequestEncoder which was causing the portlet external navigation (click on maximize for example) to reset the render parameters

- added test case for PortletRequestEncoder

better support for widget configuration
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- correct to example ldif
- change root suffix for OpenDS
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tagging docs
- correct target dependency
- correct target dependency
- corrected bug in identity 'db' testsuite
- correct example ldifs
getChildren take a mask as parameter, not the type.
- JBPORTAL-1310: Attempting (without success) to force transactional context when deployer tries to deploy external -wsrp.xml files. (synchronization commit).
correct packaging of cms
correct packaging of cms
correct packaging of portal-admin.sar
correct packaging of portal-admin.sar
updates to idea project files
improved a bit the test cases for object laoder
- corrected bug in identity 'db' testsuite
uncomment the test cases I had just commited as comments
- extracted batch loading stuff into common.concurrent as it can be reused in other places.

- also refactored the implementation to allow easy reuse

- corrected bug in identity 'db' testsuite
JBoss Web Server included in JBoss 4.2.x is named stating with "JBossWeb/2"