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- JBPORTAL-1322: Backported fix.
- disable not configured servers
- code cleanup

- small update on javadoc

- cleanup in identity testsuite
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- Add submit and cancel buttons on instances security

- Make cancel buttons work on security pages

- Let the admin modify the Personalize security flag on instances

The Login portlet isn't used.
removed useless method
update iml files
fixed portlet container not picking up the metadata of jboss-portlet.xml
Update for Eclipse
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- make UserPortlet little less fragile
If the window doesn't exist, display nothing instead of the latest of the list.

Patch contribution from Antoine Herzog.

- Fixed logging messages on getPortlet.
- Use PortletContext of the InstanceCustomization to retrieve the portlet. Might not work in all contexts...
if jboss app md does not exist, do not use it.
better impl of InstanceContext.getId() in case of a customization
portlet app / container lifecycle cleanup and simplifications
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- Extracted exception related methods from WSRPUtils to new WSRPExceptionFactory.

- Started implementing better Exception creation.

- JBPORTAL-1322: Fixed, the problem was that WindowState (and Mode, though it doesn't matter) was converting to lowercase the passed String so created a case preserving version of factory methods.
- Wrap retrieval of preferences in try-catch block... should be improved by using a message in case an error occurs.

- Check for null on return getPortletProperties (Oracle's producer returns null).

- Fixed off by one error in pagination.

- Display "Unnamed" if no name was provided for the portlet in the wizard (this is the case with Oracle's public producer...).

- Add portlet description as title in td for the portlet selection (hovering above the link will display it).

- Improved highlighting of selected in pagination.

moved classes from common package depending on jboss as libs to the JEMS package
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put in page layout editor input and select in form even if they are never actionned. Being in a form they will never participate in the decode phase
- Properly start and stop Consumers.

- Separated starting and activation concepts since the Consumer service can be stopped but the Consumer should stay marked as active in the DB.

PortletRuntimeContext -> ServletContainerContext : portlet agnostic and in an upper package, to be extracted probably later
  1. /trunk/portlet/src/main/org/jboss/portal/web
  2. /trunk/portlet/src/main/org/jboss/portal/web/spi
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removed empty dirs
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update intellij module portlet-server
fixed bad config of test-info tests in portlet container
fixed not commited class because of SVN failure