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JBEPP-146: null appears in content when Initial Mode property is set to Minimized

(If people had the value set through the admin console prior to this fix, this can be reset through the same admin feature)

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Seems like an unnecessary checking.

A user should be able to enter scripts as preference

- Renamed ManagedBean.checkNameValidity to checkValidity as it's more correct.

- JBPORTAL-2427:

+ PreferenceBean now validates value in setValue

+ inject beanContext in PortletManagerBean and InstanceManagerBean so that it can be made available to PreferenceBean via PreferencesBean

+ added error reporting in editPreferences.xhtml and fixed typo

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- Use bean context to output messages in PortalObjectManagerBean, improving localization.

- Made getErrorSeverity, getInfoSeverity and createLocalizedMessage methods public on BeanContext.

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- Added isTargetResolved to BeanContext to be able to check that a given target String can be used to display error message.

- JBPORTAL-2419:

+ DisplayNameAction now switches the error target as it varies on context (defaults to status if cannot be resolved)

+ Added missing message in displayNameObject.xhtml

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- JBPORTAL-2413: Fixed issue with predefined properties. Values should also be properly validated now.

- JBPORTAL-2409: Properly use the correct constructors (somehow this didn't make it in the last commit)

--This line, and those below, will be 5ignored--

M core-admin/src/main/org/jboss/portal/core/admin/ui/PortalObjectManagerBean.java

- JBPORTAL-2409:

+ Properly inject bean context in PropertyBean and subclasses.

+ ManagedBean.PropertyValidator can now provide error message key to checkNameValidity for better error reporting.

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- Merged work on XSS from 2.7 branch: JBPORTAL-2390, JBPORTAL-2391, JBEPP-84, JBEPP-83, JBPORTAL-2393, JBEPP-86, JBEPP-90.

- We will need to cut a new version of the identity module for this (currently using snapshot).

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- JBEPP-66: Added more validation to prevent creating or renaming objects with invalid names. See JBPORTAL-2317 for more details of changes.
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JBEPP-58: Default portlets store non serializable attributes in the session

JBEPP-58: Default portlets store non serializable attributes in the session

JBEPP-41: Portal admin portlet / Dashboard configuration can be slow with many objects/dasboards
Fix windowName namespace problem. Make page independent from bridge or JSF impl

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Branching for EPP

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