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JBPORTAL-2412: Validate registration policy and registration validator class names.

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- Merged work on XSS from 2.7 branch: JBPORTAL-2390, JBPORTAL-2391, JBEPP-84, JBEPP-83, JBPORTAL-2393, JBEPP-86, JBEPP-90.

- We will need to cut a new version of the identity module for this (currently using snapshot).

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- JBEPP-66: Added more validation to prevent creating or renaming objects with invalid names. See JBPORTAL-2317 for more details of changes.
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- Fixed messed up resources
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- JBPORTAL-2284: Fixed error in eraseRegistrationInfo, removed checks for null RegistrationInfo as it never is null now.

- JBPORTAL-2287: Added possibility to reload the consumers from the database.

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Branching for EPP

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