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JBEPP-995: IE 6 displays 'This page contains both secure and nonsecure items' on every pages when using SSL
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JBEPP-928: NullPointerException if dashboard context is missing
JBEPP-561: Hard coded Error-Page link- please make it configurable

Made more configurable by allowing to override just the context path

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JBEPP-282: use setHeader instead of addHeader in HTTPResponse.java

Contribution of Philip Kedy

fix for JBEPP-159
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JBEPP-154: Javascript error when click to "sign out with sign out event" link on TestPortlet in TestWithAjax page

Handle the case of SignOutResponse

JBEPP-150: Let a user reset an alias-binding by not defining it in a URL

Defined by KeepPNState

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JBEPP-92: Exception while calling removePublicRenderParameter on javax.portlet.actionResponse

[tentative fix, need proper testing]

JBEPP-74: Preferences values are not getting replicated in clustered setup
- JBEPP-66:

+ Less optimal implementation of role display name duplicate checking albeit without API changes.

+ Reverted to identity version 1.1.0.

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- Merged work on XSS from 2.7 branch: JBPORTAL-2390, JBPORTAL-2391, JBEPP-84, JBEPP-83, JBPORTAL-2393, JBEPP-86, JBEPP-90.

- We will need to cut a new version of the identity module for this (currently using snapshot).

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[JBEPP-72] - Added provision for multi-valued Headers
[JBEPP-72] - Same HTTP header property set multiple times if set by multiple portlets
- JBPORTAL-2384: Handle pages named default separately to replicate previous behavior.
- JBPORTAL-2384:

+ Really avoid creating dashboard until needed.

+ Fixed incorrect behavior for copy to dashboard link where the link wouldn't appear if the dashboard didn't already exist.

+ Problem with new behavior: copy to dashboard is now also present on default/default which wasn't the case before... This

doesn't have any side effect has copy will not copy if the page already exists in dashboard.

JBPORTAL-2384: Avoid creating dashboard objects if dashboard isn't used
- JBEPP-66: Added more validation to prevent creating or renaming objects with invalid names. See JBPORTAL-2317 for more details of changes.
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- Added transaction for testGetChild.
JBEPP-54: Using PortletResponse.addProperty() does not set the cookie and transport headers in the response

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JBEPP-45: Partial refresh and Drag and drop aren't always working correctly
JBEPP-40: Performance degrades as number of portal objects/dashboard increases
JBEPP-39: Page parameters updates are not reflected with partial refresh
JBEPP-38: When using explicit parameters, those parameters aren't passed
JBEPP-34: Partial refresh is not updating the content

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- JBPORTAL-2273: real fix: when we get an OpaqueStateString just transmit it as is since chances are it cannot be interpreted

(unless it was encoded by a Portal producer) and we cannot use the information locally to mix in the public navigational

state anyway.

- JBPORTAL-2281: Fix incompatible behavior between Java 5 and Java 6.
- JBPORTAL-2281: Performance improvements (that correctly works now!)
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- patch permgen for run.bat (Should be useless here)

- Forgot to commit added attribute.

- Cleaned-up DynaAjaxServlet, still investigating whether removal is safe or not.

- Moved ParameterSanitizer to server module and renamed methods to follow common.

- JBPORTAL-2205: use proper mode and window state names...

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Branching for EPP

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