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JBPORTAL-979: Added check for https on PortletResponseImpl as well.

JBPORTAL-979 : ActionResponse.sendRedirect(String location) should work with HTTPS

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minor reformat

JBPORTAL-960 : Hibernate domain configuration files do not declare properly the column constraints

blah ?

Updated version number to SP3.

bad copy paste

fixed SessionListener that was using event.getValue() with the payload of the previous value (not clear from the javadoc and spec), instead use event.getSession().getAttribute(name);

- Should fix JBPORTAL-920: attributes are now properly marshalled (may be possible to simplify code).

- Fixed typo in logging information.

- JBPORTAL-917: attributes are marshalled when we synchronize instead of on set.

- Added logging.

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- JBPORTAL-916: only PortletScope attributes are synchronized to avoid race condition on ApplicationScope.

JBPORTAL-918: need to check the current command for idempotence, not the one to which we forward.

JBPORTAL-913 : Update the JBoss logo in the default CMS content to more appropriate

Fix for JBPORTAL-909.

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JBPORTAL-891 : Make login.jsp encode j_security_check with response.encodeURL(String s) method so client that don't want to join the session using cookies can still login the portal

JBPORTAL-888 : Phalanx theme does not take in account the maximized region.

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add explicit depends of treecache over the transaction manager in 2.2 branch

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Back-ported fix for Hibernate 3.2 and back compatibility.

update version # to 2.2.1-SP1

JBPORTAL-878 : Explicit ehcache configuration for hibernate

file ehcache.xml was added on branch JBoss_Portal_Branch_2_2 on 2006-05-22 05:57:45 +0000

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udpate version number of the release

JBPORTAL-866 : Serialize/Unserialize replicated portlet session attributes using the classloader of the portlet web app

JBPORTAL-865 : Enable replication of APPLICATION_SCOPE attributes

- JBPORTAL-840 : Set the invoker on the callback before starting the ha invoker service

- added web.xml in samples that contains session listener for replication

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- fix cms startup sequence bug in distributed

- added web.xml with session listener in samples to give an example of portlet session replication

[JBFORUMS-31] Clearing dead imports in classes.

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port portlet session replication logging to 2.2

Update the Version class to the JBoss Product Versioning Post 2006-03-01 for 2.2 branch