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- Renamed ManagedBean.checkNameValidity to checkValidity as it's more correct.

- JBPORTAL-2427:

+ PreferenceBean now validates value in setValue

+ inject beanContext in PortletManagerBean and InstanceManagerBean so that it can be made available to PreferenceBean via PreferencesBean

+ added error reporting in editPreferences.xhtml and fixed typo

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- Use bean context to output messages in PortalObjectManagerBean, improving localization.

- Made getErrorSeverity, getInfoSeverity and createLocalizedMessage methods public on BeanContext.

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- Added isTargetResolved to BeanContext to be able to check that a given target String can be used to display error message.

- JBPORTAL-2419:

+ DisplayNameAction now switches the error target as it varies on context (defaults to status if cannot be resolved)

+ Added missing message in displayNameObject.xhtml

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JBPORTAL-2413: Fixed issue with predefined properties. Values should also be properly validated now.
- JBPORTAL-2409: Properly use the correct constructors (somehow this didn't make it in the last commit)
- JBPORTAL-2409:

+ Properly inject bean context in PropertyBean and subclasses.

+ ManagedBean.PropertyValidator can now provide error message key to checkNameValidity for better error reporting.

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- JBEPP-83:

+ Added forgotten bean context to dashboardmgr instance

+ MessageValidationHandler instances can choose which error message to use

+ PropertyValidator implementations can provide their own ValidationErrorHandler for more flexibility

+ ControlPropertyBean now provides better error message

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- JBEPP-83: Relax validation for ControlPropertyBean to allow / and . in paths.
- JBPORTAL-2393:

+ PropertyValidator now provides doSimpleChecks method to validate properties after checking for null but

before checking for XSS or duplicates. In particular, we now forbid names containing . or /

+ Made ManagedBean.DefaultPropertyValidator an inner class so that we can reuse more code

+ Updated localization resources

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- JBEPP-84: Use proper messageTarget for addPageAction so that error message is properly displayed.

- JBEPP-83: PropertyBeans now extend ManagedBean so that they can validate their values before saving them.

- Now inject bean context in PortalObjectManagerBean so that it can be made available to children beans.

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- Extracted checking for default status to PortalObjectUtil so that it can be reused elsewhere.
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- JBPORTAL-2365: Make several beans serializable and mark as much state as possible as transient.
- JBPORTAL-2365: make injected services transient as they shouldn't be serialized... A better analysis of the situation is still required.
- Oops, committed too fast, forgot import!
- Make AuthorizationBean subclasses Serializable directly to be sure...
- Make AuthorizationBean and subclasses serializable.
- JBPORTAL-2040:

+ Re-wrote PortalObject.getChild to use container directly instead of going through ObjectNode.getChildren

to avoid having to retrieve all the children just to get one. This should yield a massive reduction in DB


+ Removed unused instances and pages SelectedItems in PortalObjectManagerBean

- Added PortalObjectId.getChildId to efficiently get a child's id from a parent and use ParameterValidation.

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- JBPORTAL-2317: Better target for messages.

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- JBPORTAL-2317: Fixed name validation for page layout.

JBPORTAL-2317 - fix broken validation
- JBPORTAL-2317:

+ Properly deal with creation and renaming operation error display and name validation

+ Moved generic code from concrete subclasses to CoordinationManagerBean.CoordinationBean for rename and create method

+ Added h:message tags and ids where needed in editCoordination.xhtml

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- JBPORTAL-2317:

+ Moved Action code up to ManagedBean as it can be used outside of core-admin

+ Fixed incorrect behavior in PropertyAction.updateProperty

+ Renamed RenameAction.pageContainer to renamedObject as it is more correct and fixed behavior

+ Adapted CoordinationBean hierarchy to ManagedBean changes (this needs more testing)

+ Adapted WSRP backing beans to ManagedBean changes (this needs more testing)

+ Renamed ConsumerBean.isOldAndNewEqual to isOldAndNewDifferent since that is the behavior that is

implemented and moved it to ManagedBean along with normalizeStringIfNeeded

+ Fixed implementation of JSFContextBean.createMessage

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- JBPORTAL-2317: Added more validation to prevent creating objects with invalid names

+ What constitutes an invalid name should be documented somewhere... Right now valid names match ParameterValidation.XSS_CHECK.

+ Re-factor JSF actions so that validation behavior and error message handling can be factored in Action superclass.

+ Behavior associated with display names has been generified into DisplayNameAction with PortalInstanceDNA and PortalObjectDNA

as children, which are not much simpler

+ More localization of error messages

- Needs more test, in particular, it doesn't seem like targeted error messages are currently working (JSF id seems to be interfering)

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Fix windowName namespace problem. remove comments
Fix windowName namespace problem. Make page independent from bridge or JSF impl
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JBPORTAL-2281: Perf issue when many user dashboard

- JBPORTAL-2264, JBPORTAL-2259: Functor was an interesting solution but a better one is to not use instance id as HTML id...
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- JBPORTAL-2264, JBPORTAL-2259: Improved performance of functor.

- Added test cases.

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- JBPORTAL-2264, JBPORTAL-2259: Added id sanitization before using them as HTML ids, users can still use names

with . or spaces... Display performance of instance list seems to suffer from it so should investigate


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