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- JBPORTAL-2417: hopefully fixed the incorrect saving of invalid data.
- JBPORTAL-2416: validate folder description and output correct error message.
JBPORTAL-2415: properly handle the empty search string (it really should be done at the search level though).
- JBEPP-86: Improved error reporting when creating a new file with invalid data.
- JBEPP-86: Fixed problem with disappearing values... We need to TEST this more.
- JBEPP-86: Added lots of checking for XSS injection. Error reporting is weak but improving would require major work. :(

- Fixed typo in CSS class

NPE on denied access
JBPORTAL-2354 - HA-CMS: NullPointerException after fail-over
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JBPORTAL-2362: Improve german language-resource-files in portal-cms.war, portal-admin.war and portal-users-samples.war
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Changes/Updates to accommodate Brazilian Translation

Put encoding="UTF-8" explicit in portlet-instance.xml

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new italian i18n updates
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JBPORTAL-2331 - CMS Modifies URLs
JBPORTAL-2331 - upgrading tinymce from 2.0.8 to
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    • +504
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JBPORTAL-2331 - upgrading tinymce from 2.0.8 to
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Brazilian Translation
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minor changes
- Should probably use the XSS detection regexp from ParameterValidation as it will probably evolve and be better tested.

CMS editing was failing

Roling back CHris' IntelliJ mess...

JBPORTAL-2300: Wrong names for actions in CMS module.

JBPORTAL-2322: Support for Brazilian Portuguese (CMS)
- Forbid filenames and folders with < > ( )

- Fixed regex

- Updated error handling

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- Added more sanitization of parameter values. However, I am not too familiar with CMS so I am not sure what the proper behavior should be there, or if the default values that I give won't cause side-effects of their own... :(
- Should fix several potential XSS opportunities.
- Encode before rendering

- Fix Eclipse classpath

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Japanese addon

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JBPORTAL-2258 - Create file in CMS not working for several databases

* locally passed for oracle10g, postgresql8, mysql5, hsqdlb

* contrary to earlier discussion, nothing special needed for postgresql support

Adding japanese trasnlation

JBPORTAL-2266 - CMS JBPM Workflow affected by the JBPM Value Serialization Bug
- JBPORTAL-2269: fixed PortletAppDeployment which was incorrectly trying to inject the TLD before loading portlet metadata.

NOTE: it is now impossible to have a JSR-286 portlet use the JSR-168 taglib.

- Updated JSPs to correctly refer to JSR-286 taglib when needed.

- Updated JSP portlet to demonstrate resource serving (and validate fix for JBPORTAL-2269).

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JBPORTAL-2150 - null pointer exception raise when clicking a langue