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- JBEPP-86: Fixed problem with disappearing values... We need to TEST this more.
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JBPORTAL-2331 - CMS Modifies URLs
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- Encode before rendering

- Fix Eclipse classpath

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- JBPORTAL-2269: fixed PortletAppDeployment which was incorrectly trying to inject the TLD before loading portlet metadata.

NOTE: it is now impossible to have a JSR-286 portlet use the JSR-168 taglib.

- Updated JSPs to correctly refer to JSR-286 taglib when needed.

- Updated JSP portlet to demonstrate resource serving (and validate fix for JBPORTAL-2269).

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JBPORTAL-2210: Wysiwyg editor is not showing images correctly

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Merging changes from Sohil made on Branch 2.6:

JBPORTAL-2046 - Exception is thrown upon clicking the '+' symbol of the 'Root Folder' node when moving content

JBPORTAL-2015 - CMS content object should return a long for the size

JBPORTAL-2016 - CMS content object should have a method to return the size of the latest version of the file

JBPORTAL-2031 - Create CMS content which contains a slash '/' fails

JBPORTAL-2002 - VersionException thrown when you try to upload an archive (ZIP) that contains files that already exists in the repository

JBPORTAL-2033 - User with only read-permissions on a folder cannot read a folder

JBPORTAL-1929 , JBPORTAL-1982 - Relative links in CMS content munged by WYSIWYG editor

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- Core-CMS i18n, contribution from Luca
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