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- JBEPP-90:

+ Added XSS validation to username validator

+ Added JSF validator for user profile attributes to detect XSS attempts

+ PropertyValidator can now specify which validation pattern to use

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- JBPORTAL-2393:

+ PropertyValidator now provides doSimpleChecks method to validate properties after checking for null but

before checking for XSS or duplicates. In particular, we now forbid names containing . or /

+ Made ManagedBean.DefaultPropertyValidator an inner class so that we can reuse more code

+ Updated localization resources

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+ Editable role and display names are now properly validated for XSS injection and handle duplicate error better

+ CreateRoleAction and EditRoleAction now inherit from BaseRoleAction which leverages ManagedBean functionality for input validation

+ Updated properties to add support for ManagedBean messages, removed duplicated key

+ Removed now unused RoleValidator and associated localization keys

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Changes/Updates to accommodate Brazilian Translation

Put encoding="UTF-8" explicit in portlet-instance.xml

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Brazilian Translation
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minor changes
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JBPORTAL-2295: Support for Brazilian Portuguese (core-dentity)
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