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Some changes to Brazilian Portuguese Translation
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JBPORTAL-2362: Improve german language-resource-files in portal-cms.war, portal-admin.war and portal-users-samples.war
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Changes/Updates to accommodate Brazilian Translation

Put encoding="UTF-8" explicit in portlet-instance.xml

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new italian i18n updates
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- Page event test in TestWithAjax was not in synch with the non-AJAX version.
- Improved wording.

- Minor re-formatting.

- JBPORTAL-2329: Fixed the portlet so that it works in an AJAX context... We need a workaround for the way Form.serialize

works in Prototype when a form has multiple submit inputs.

See http://groups.google.com/group/prototype-core/browse_thread/thread/b3ced6a52dd5968b?pli=1 for more details.

translation of properties files for Brazilian Portuguese
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- Cleaned-up
- Forgot to commit added attribute.
Japanese addon

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- JBPORTAL-2269: fixed PortletAppDeployment which was incorrectly trying to inject the TLD before loading portlet metadata.

NOTE: it is now impossible to have a JSR-286 portlet use the JSR-168 taglib.

- Updated JSPs to correctly refer to JSR-286 taglib when needed.

- Updated JSP portlet to demonstrate resource serving (and validate fix for JBPORTAL-2269).

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JBPORTAL-2242: pass Content-Disposition property to client
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aligning dependency with that of EAP as much as possible.
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Minor fixings
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JBPORTAL-1919 and cleanup some on refreshRepeat demo
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RepeatRefresh demo cleanup and dispatch to JSP
JBPORTAL-2171: CurrentUsersPortletWindow spelling errors

(Simplified the portlet)

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serveResource demo cleanup
small ui cleanup, try web.xml config for expired view id, copy over 286 serveResource demo and add to ajax examples
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Make the portlet.xml validate
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Put 'keep' because 'overwrite' is evil :)
Added some explanations on coordination samples
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- Use newer version of Google portlets.

- Added preferences.

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no need to set the expiration cache in portlet.xml if we always set it programmaticially during the renderp phase