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- JBPORTAL-2428: Now properly validates inputs (including WSDL URL that wasn't properly validated by URL constructor due to a Java bug).

- JSFBeanContext now provides renderResponseImmediately method to bypass further processing in case of an error.

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- Renamed ManagedBean.checkNameValidity to checkValidity as it's more correct.

- JBPORTAL-2427:

+ PreferenceBean now validates value in setValue

+ inject beanContext in PortletManagerBean and InstanceManagerBean so that it can be made available to PreferenceBean via PreferencesBean

+ added error reporting in editPreferences.xhtml and fixed typo

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- Use bean context to output messages in PortalObjectManagerBean, improving localization.

- Made getErrorSeverity, getInfoSeverity and createLocalizedMessage methods public on BeanContext.

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- Added isTargetResolved to BeanContext to be able to check that a given target String can be used to display error message.

- JBPORTAL-2419:

+ DisplayNameAction now switches the error target as it varies on context (defaults to status if cannot be resolved)

+ Added missing message in displayNameObject.xhtml

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- JBPORTAL-2410: report error instead of saving configuration with old values (which is correct but confusing for users).
- JBPORTAL-2410: fixed error reporting.
JBPORTAL-2412: Validate registration policy and registration validator class names.
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JBPORTAL-2410: Use h:message instead of h:messages for error reporting (need to test more that this doesn't have unexpected side-effects since I've seen some already)
- JBPORTAL-2393:

+ PropertyValidator now provides doSimpleChecks method to validate properties after checking for null but

before checking for XSS or duplicates. In particular, we now forbid names containing . or /

+ Made ManagedBean.DefaultPropertyValidator an inner class so that we can reuse more code

+ Updated localization resources

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some minor typo
- Made error message more precise.
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- JBEPP-65: Use onclick instead of onchange as IE does not register an 'OnChange' event until the mouse is clicked somewhere else on the page after having changed your radio/checkbox selection. This resulted in incorrect behavior for some immediate elements of forms.
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- Adapted test cases to change in behavior with & encoding. Note that & should still be encoded as & when going through the WS stack (which is not the case for the tests).
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Changes/Updates to accommodate Brazilian Translation

Put encoding="UTF-8" explicit in portlet-instance.xml

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new italian i18n updates
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Brazilian Translation
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- JBPORTAL-2317: Fixed name validation checking for WSRP.

- Fixed an improper update of consumers information when a consumer's id was changed.

- Fixed improper handling of null in ManagedBean.normalizeStringIfNeeded and added test cases.

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- JBPORTAL-2317:

+ Updated faces-config.xml to reflect changes in code (added beanContext where needed,

plus renamed pageContainer to renamedObject)

+ Added h:message tags where appropriate and fixed styles.

+ Updated Resource files.

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- JBPORTAL-2317:

+ Moved Action code up to ManagedBean as it can be used outside of core-admin

+ Fixed incorrect behavior in PropertyAction.updateProperty

+ Renamed RenameAction.pageContainer to renamedObject as it is more correct and fixed behavior

+ Adapted CoordinationBean hierarchy to ManagedBean changes (this needs more testing)

+ Adapted WSRP backing beans to ManagedBean changes (this needs more testing)

+ Renamed ConsumerBean.isOldAndNewEqual to isOldAndNewDifferent since that is the behavior that is

implemented and moved it to ManagedBean along with normalizeStringIfNeeded

+ Fixed implementation of JSFContextBean.createMessage

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- Fix messed up resources (wondering what happened...)
- JBPORTAL-2287: Added possibility to reload the consumers from the database.
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remove unneeded Richfaces config
- Not sure why facelets.BUILD_BEFORE_RESTORE was set to true before but it was causing issues with PB beta6
Using Portlet Bridge 1.0.0.B6, and removing Richfaces libs

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- JBPORTAL-2274: Different approach using a NavigationHandler instead of PhaseListener that should work now...
- JBPORTAL-2274: added PhaseListener to redirect to consumer list view if we cannot restore a consumer after session expiration.
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- For some reason JSTL doesn't like Facelets

- Message instead of failing

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Japanese addon

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Adding necessary changes so that japanese is taken into account

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Adding japanese trasnlation