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It fixes a bug when the user take the dashboard for the first time. If there is some denied access, the dashboard is half imported and it generates a NullPointerException. See JBPORTAL-2456
It is cleaner
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JBPORTAL-2430 it lets drag and drop and partial refresh in a region
Reverted: JBPORTAL-2384: Fix hibernate mappings to address N+1 select problem on accessing ObjectNode.children
JBPORTAL-2384: Fix hibernate mappings to address N+1 select problem on accessing ObjectNode.children
JBPORTAL-2389: moved session.flush() as the previous fix did not cover all cases
Add session.flush() to fix JBPORTAL-2389
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- Updated for changes in identity API.
[JBPORTAL-2387] - Added provision for multi-valued Headers
You can specify more names using comma sperated values
this option allows to specify the admin roles and admin users so an external client can know them using RoleModule and UserModule api. See JBPORTAL-2283
Add ClusterConfig attribute to example TCP cluster config for clarity [JBPORTAL-2388].
Add example TCP cluster configuration for [JBPORTAL-2388].
- Extracted checking for default status to PortalObjectUtil so that it can be reused elsewhere.
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- JBPORTAL-2384: Handle pages named default separately to replicate previous behavior.
- JBPORTAL-2384:

+ Really avoid creating dashboard until needed.

+ Fixed incorrect behavior for copy to dashboard link where the link wouldn't appear if the dashboard didn't already exist.

+ Problem with new behavior: copy to dashboard is now also present on default/default which wasn't the case before... This

doesn't have any side effect has copy will not copy if the page already exists in dashboard.

JBPORTAL-2387: Same HTTP header property set multiple times if set by multiple portlets
JBPORTAL-2384: Avoid creating dashboard objects if dashboard isn't used

Some changes to Brazilian Portuguese Translation
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JBPORTAL-2368: Setting the ResourceResponse.HTTP_STATUS_CODE property does not modify the actual server response status code
- Moved read methods to CoordinationManager as it's more logical for them to be there.

- CoordinationConfigurator now extends CoordinationManager.

[JBPORTAL-2361] - Added null checking and set headers if FragmentResponse too
JBPORTAL-2361: Using PortletResponse.addProperty(javax.servlet.http.Cookie) does not set the cookie in the response
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Changes/Updates to accommodate Brazilian Translation

Put encoding="UTF-8" explicit in portlet-instance.xml

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new italian i18n updates
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Brazilian Translation
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- Updated from 2.7.2

- Slightly modified styles (green instead of red for DnD zones, re-added bigger tab menu with less padding)

- Minor improvements.

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