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It fixes a bug when the user take the dashboard for the first time. If there is some denied access, the dashboard is half imported and it generates a NullPointerException. See JBPORTAL-2456
JBPORTAL-2389: moved session.flush() as the previous fix did not cover all cases
Add session.flush() to fix JBPORTAL-2389
- Updated for changes in identity API.
[JBPORTAL-2387] - Added provision for multi-valued Headers
- Extracted checking for default status to PortalObjectUtil so that it can be reused elsewhere.
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- JBPORTAL-2384: Handle pages named default separately to replicate previous behavior.
- JBPORTAL-2384:

+ Really avoid creating dashboard until needed.

+ Fixed incorrect behavior for copy to dashboard link where the link wouldn't appear if the dashboard didn't already exist.

+ Problem with new behavior: copy to dashboard is now also present on default/default which wasn't the case before... This

doesn't have any side effect has copy will not copy if the page already exists in dashboard.

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JBPORTAL-2387: Same HTTP header property set multiple times if set by multiple portlets
JBPORTAL-2384: Avoid creating dashboard objects if dashboard isn't used

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JBPORTAL-2368: Setting the ResourceResponse.HTTP_STATUS_CODE property does not modify the actual server response status code
- Moved read methods to CoordinationManager as it's more logical for them to be there.

- CoordinationConfigurator now extends CoordinationManager.

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[JBPORTAL-2361] - Added null checking and set headers if FragmentResponse too
JBPORTAL-2361: Using PortletResponse.addProperty(javax.servlet.http.Cookie) does not set the cookie in the response
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- Updated from 2.7.2

- Slightly modified styles (green instead of red for DnD zones, re-added bigger tab menu with less padding)

- Minor improvements.

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- JBPORTAL-2326: needs to be tested

+ If no parameters is passed to a page to be displayed, erased previous page navigational state

+ If we have a PNS, pass the current state as parameters to ViewPageCommand before full refresh in AJAX context (hackish)

+ Improved getPortletPublicNavigationalState method to avoid unnecessary work

JBPORTAL-2335: Explicit public parameters don't work

- Added getLastComponentName method to return the object name.
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- JBPORTAL-2328: if we have a page NS, force a full refresh for now... :(

- Minor optimization: do not loop over children but rather over dirty windows (which should be less) thus

avoiding to use getChildren which is costly...

- Removed now useless query for previous PNS.
- JBPORTAL-2326:

+ Not sure why previous PNS was saved in ViewPageCommand: limited testing hasn't shown any adverse side effects so far

+ Do not iterate over all bindings when looking for PNS for a window (was previously overwriting found PNS)

- Should fix tests.
- JBPORTAL-2040:

+ Re-wrote PortalObject.getChild to use container directly instead of going through ObjectNode.getChildren

to avoid having to retrieve all the children just to get one. This should yield a massive reduction in DB


+ Removed unused instances and pages SelectedItems in PortalObjectManagerBean

- Added PortalObjectId.getChildId to efficiently get a child's id from a parent and use ParameterValidation.

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- Extracted display name behavior from Instance and PortalObject into a HasDisplayName interface.
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- Use namespace instead of base 64 encoding of window id (to avoid an issue with prototype and Safari, see http://prototype.lighthouseapp.com/projects/8886/tickets/497-prototype-v1603-elementselect-works-wrong-under-safari-and-chrome for more details).

- Minor optimizations in dyna.js.

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- Replace Element.getElementsByClassName by select as it's deprecated in Prototype 1.6+. Should fix partial refresh.

- UpdateWindowResponse doesn't seem used anymore so make PortalObjectResponseHandler fail if we encounter one to try to see if it's really not used anymore.

- Removed duplicated code in InternalContentProvider (supportedModes and supportedWindowStates were reset when getting the ones for the current media type).

- Clean-ups.

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- JBPORTAL-2273: real fix: when we get an OpaqueStateString just transmit it as is since chances are it cannot be interpreted

(unless it was encoded by a Portal producer) and we cannot use the information locally to mix in the public navigational

state anyway.

- JBPORTAL-2281: Fix incompatible behavior between Java 5 and Java 6
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- JBPORTAL-2281: we do always need ChildrenCollection after all...

- Added iterator tests.

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