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- Updated from 2.7.2

- Slightly modified styles (green instead of red for DnD zones, re-added bigger tab menu with less padding)

- Minor improvements.

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- JBPORTAL-2326: needs to be tested

+ If no parameters is passed to a page to be displayed, erased previous page navigational state

+ If we have a PNS, pass the current state as parameters to ViewPageCommand before full refresh in AJAX context (hackish)

+ Improved getPortletPublicNavigationalState method to avoid unnecessary work

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- JBPORTAL-2328: if we have a page NS, force a full refresh for now... :(

- Minor optimization: do not loop over children but rather over dirty windows (which should be less) thus

avoiding to use getChildren which is costly...

- Replace Element.getElementsByClassName by select as it's deprecated in Prototype 1.6+. Should fix partial refresh.

- UpdateWindowResponse doesn't seem used anymore so make PortalObjectResponseHandler fail if we encounter one to try to see if it's really not used anymore.

- Removed duplicated code in InternalContentProvider (supportedModes and supportedWindowStates were reset when getting the ones for the current media type).

- Clean-ups.

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JBPORTAL-2187: Partial refresh broke while integrating portlet container 2.0
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JBPORTAL-2187: Partial refresh broke while integrating portlet container 2.0
Portlet Container 2.0.0

Common 1.2.0

Web 1.2.0

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integrated content provider rendering using public navigational render parameters
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early implementation of implicit render parameter sharing

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- Moved methods from PortalObjectNavigationalStateContext to NavigationalStateContext.

- Implemented PortalObjectNavigationalStateContext.getKeys.

- Use NavigationalStateContext instead of implementation.

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