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Add ClusterConfig attribute to example TCP cluster config for clarity [JBPORTAL-2388].
Add example TCP cluster configuration for [JBPORTAL-2388].
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JBPORTAL-2361: Using PortletResponse.addProperty(javax.servlet.http.Cookie) does not set the cookie in the response
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JBPORTAL-2246: Portlet invoker exception during portlet window rendering

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Was missing some interceptors
[JBPORTAL-2149]mergigng changes from Branch26
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JBPORTAL-1944: Move ThreadLocals for JBossPortlet support to interceptors
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- Move coordination package higher in core module

- A lot of small fixes for explicit coordination stuff

- initial simple coordination samples in core-samples module

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Syncing explicit coordination stuff. For now no configuration test cases and not plugged in ControllerPageNavigationalState.
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JBPORTAL-2054 merging clustering config change from 2.6
JBPORTAL-2060: error customization not working on page restricted access

Controller interceptor needs to be earlier in the stack

Moving JBossPortletInterceptorsStack from server to portlet-server

(Removing 'portlet' dependency from 'server'

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Portlet Container 2.0.0

Common 1.2.0

Web 1.2.0

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new theme "renewal" and remove myfaces
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Syncing changes from 2.6 branch
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- Minor reformat.
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JBPORTAL-1988: Add a way to clean the navigational state of windows on page refresh

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integrated content provider rendering using public navigational render parameters
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Align with portlet libs

(Damn svn plugin for eclipse which 'forgets' some files)

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- Header injection now works

- Partial refresh should now work (though I haven't tested it)

- InternalContentProvider.renderWindow should now properly work

- More updates related to CorePortletInfo as a PortletInfo attachment

- Removed CorePortletInvoker which wasn't used after all

- More generification

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Initial integration of PC2
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