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- Improved getMBeanProxy methods so that they return a cast object.

- Added isRegistered method to check if an MBean is known by the server without having to retrieve a proxy to it.

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JBEPP-21: WARN a user when using HSQL in portal
- Fixed typos.
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- Sybase fixings
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Rollback, it didn't try to guess the Hibernate Dialect. Don't know why so far
Removed Dialect factory which was used for auto-discovery of dialect in Hibernate 3.0 (it was forked from 3.1)

Now Sybase should be automatically discovered and the proper dialect should be used

JBPORTAL-1999: Adding properties through the admin portlet on Oracle fails

Store "" as __EMPTY_STRING__ for Oracle compatibility.

It could probably be improved to only do it for Oracle databases

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