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- JBPORTAL-2381: Insert dynamic interceptors in n-1 position in the stack.
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JBPORTAL-2348: Portlet cache scope is case sensitive in portlet.xml
- JBPORTAL-2269: fixed PortletAppDeployment which was incorrectly trying to inject the TLD before loading portlet metadata.

NOTE: it is now impossible to have a JSR-286 portlet use the JSR-168 taglib.

- Updated JSPs to correctly refer to JSR-286 taglib when needed.

- Updated JSP portlet to demonstrate resource serving (and validate fix for JBPORTAL-2269).

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Mr Hudson found Mr Eclipse as a drink buddy
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Command line rocks

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Weird SVN commit failure... fixing
Moving JBossPortletInterceptorsStack from server to portlet-server

(Removing 'portlet' dependency from 'server'

  1. ./src/main/org/jboss/portal/portlet/interceptors
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- Update Eclipse classpath

- Removed dependency on obselete 'format' module

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Content framework adaptation with a temporary hack
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JBPORTAL-1985 : Replace jboss-app.xml with an app-id element in jboss-portlet.xml but keep jboss-app.xml for legacy
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make 2.7 use jsr286 api jar for build

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- Fixed a bug in WSRPPortletInvocationContext: hidden NPE due to auto-boxing...

- Added missing information on portlet invocation in RequestProcessor.

- Test re-wiring.

- More generification.

- All WSRP tests now run and pass pending update of portlet and common module in thirdparty.

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Use new MediaType

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- Removed CorePortletInfo and attached directly the different sub Info

- Session Info configured in jboss-portlet.xml was ignored

- CurrentUsersPortlet doesn't need to be a JBoss Portlet

- Added a warning for former portlet using the JBossPortlet extension to add the filter

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- Fixed PortletAppDeploymentFactory (AbstractDeploymentFactory was causing an infinite loop)

- Started working on WSRP tests

- More generification

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- Header injection now works

- Partial refresh should now work (though I haven't tested it)

- InternalContentProvider.renderWindow should now properly work

- More updates related to CorePortletInfo as a PortletInfo attachment

- Removed CorePortletInvoker which wasn't used after all

- More generification

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- Fixed problem with IncompatibleClassChangeError after updating modules libraries but header injection

still does not work (properties set in HeaderInterceptor are lost along the way by the time the

fragment, which might actually not be the same as the one processed in HeaderInterceptor but this needs

to be determined, gets to InternalContentProvider)...

- Adapted to use PortletInfo.getAttachment: CorePortletInfo is now an attachment on ContainerPortletInfo.

- Added toString on MarkupAttribute and MarkupElement.

- More generification.

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- Started support for header injection:

+ Rewrote HeaderInterceptor

+ Adapted InternalContentProvider to get header string

+ Turned CorePortletInfo into a class instead of interface so that it can extend ContainerPortletInfo

so that the correct portlet infor can be set on portlet containers in PortletAppDeployment.start().

+ Removed CorePortletInfoImpl and ContainerPortletInfoWrapper.






Need to figure out what's going on but this is a synchro commit...

- More generification

- Added and improved MarkupAttribute, MarkupElement and MarkupTestCase from common module

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Initial integration of PC2
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Started to move to the new API.

Build is *broken* it is expected

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