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Extending of CAS test.
[selenium] - end2end portal admin asserts fix
Refactoring. Selenium tests with Ldap and HTTPS.
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[selenium] - xss tests in wsrp producer refactoring
Refactoring of LdapIdentityAdminTestCase to fix test failures.
Refactor LdapIdentityAdminTestCase to fix test failures.
LdapIdentityAdminTestCase added.
[selenium] - minor fix in login
[selenium] dashboards testcase fix
[selenium] - portal admin e2e test fix
[selenium] Refactoring of locator.properties
[selenium] - many assert descriptions
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[JBPORTAL-2407] - several new tests
[selenium] - output on screen removed
[selenium] - property changes
Refactor locator.properties / fix test failures in selenium sso tests.
- Marked test case with the associated JIRA issue.
Refactor extract.pl and adding help. Added properties from PortalBookstoreSampleTestCase and SSO test cases to properties files.
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[JBPORTAL-2418] - selenium; one more assert
Assert messages added to PortalBookstoreSampleTestCase and all SSO test classes.
[JBPORTAL-2418] - selenium; window name without portlet testcase
PortalBookstoreSampleTestCase refactoring.
sso tests refactored.
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PortalBookstoreSampleTestCase added to the ui testsuite.

[selenium] - some assert messages added
[selnium] - some assert message fixes
[JBPORTAL-2392] - user creation portlet validation test
[JBPORTAL-2392] - dozen of selenium input validation tests
[selenium] - fixing new wsrp interface issues
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[selenium] - dashboard input validation