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- JBPORTAL-2425:

+ WSRPPortletURL.create is now able to handle extra characters in an uninterpreted way to allow for concatenation

+ Adapted toString methods.

- Fixed a bug in WSRPResourceURL.dealWithSpecificParams that wasn't properly removing consumed parameters.

- Added timeout on WS operations so that we don't deadlock anymore when trying to access a service that's not answering.

- Minor: use safe cast.
- Producer can now validate registration properties. Of course, current implementation of acceptValueFor is no-op, so...
- Adapted test cases to change in behavior with & encoding. Note that & should still be encoded as & when going through the WS stack (which is not the case for the tests).
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- JBPORTAL-2367: should solve the infinite loop issue.
- JBPORTAL-2366:

+ RequestProcessor.initInvocation now takes a more specific WSRPPortletInvocationContext as parameter for downstream processing of WindowContext.

+ RequestProcessor.createNavigationalState now uses StateString factory method as it should (which should lead to less duplicated processing).

+ RenderRequestProcessor.initInvocation now remembers which namespace is used for this invocation so that it can be re-written when the markup is processed

without having to bracket it with marker strings.

+ WSRPPortletInvocationContext now provides access to WindowContext so that request processors can know what the namespace is.

+ Use safer namespace generation algorithm.

- Use StateString.JBPNS_PREFIX since it's where the constant is instead of ParametersStateString.

- ActionRequestProcessor.initInvocation doesn't deal with navigational state anymore since it's dealt with in RequestProcessor (less duplicated processing).

- JBPORTAL-2355:

+ Do no use & in URLs anymore, use &.

+ Now throws an exception in case a doubly encoded & is ever detected again (so that we can detect them better)

+ Adapted test to change of behavior.

- JBPORTAL-2355: Do not encode & in URLs as contract for toString is supposed to be non-XML encoded URLs... Needs more testing in particular with other WSRP consumers.
- JBPORTAL-2306: Fixed WSRPPortletURL.toString() method to properly add WSRP end rewriting token.

- Added test case.

"Fix" the serialization issue

- JBPORTAL-2287: Added possibility to reload the consumers from the database.
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- JBPORTAL-2284: Fixed error in eraseRegistrationInfo, removed checks for null RegistrationInfo as it never is null now.
- JBPORTAL-2284: ProducerInfo are now created with a RegistrationInfo that's marked as undetermined instead of null.
- JBPORTAL-2205: use proper mode and window state names...
Eclipse classpath
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- JBPORTAL-2244: Test was bad (relying on order where none actually exists)
- Improved output.
aligning dependency with that of EAP as much as possible.
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Inlined 2 methods that were only used once and were one-liners
- Switch to use processContents=skip as it can help with extension processing... though it needs to be checked!
- Added WSRPExtensionHandlerTestCase to test suite so that it gets run.

- Minor clean up.

- JBPORTAL-2233:

+ Re-wrote traversal logic of WSRPExtensionHandler to traverse the whole tree.

+ Added test case.

+ Removed dependency on DOMUtils.

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- JBPORTAL-2229: Check that portal dir exists in JBoss data dir, if not create it.

- JBPORTAL-2231: Updated schema version.

- JBPORTAL-2208: quick fix, real issue here is that we should have a concept of "WSRP transaction" so

that multiple WSRP calls can share information and avoid going to the producer even without cache.

- JBPORTAL-2201: Remove extra separator: rewrite token should be replaced by the namespace and nothing else!
- Added debugging output.
- Replaced "magic" numbers for better robustness.
- request context is not used anymore.
- Also set the navigational state if it exists.