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- JBPORTAL-2185: return empty NavigationInfo and EventingInfo instead of null as it'd cause an NPE otherwise.
Use latest modules
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Portlet Container 2.0.0

Common 1.2.0

Web 1.2.0

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- Implemented getCache and getSecurity. getSecurity might need improvements pending clarification of SecurityInfo contract.

- add* methods now properly create a collection even if the given collection is empty.

- getAttachment returns null instead of throwing an exception (was breaking viewing of remote portlets).

- More generification.

- Fixed a bug in WSRPPortletInvocationContext: hidden NPE due to auto-boxing...

- Added missing information on portlet invocation in RequestProcessor.

- Test re-wiring.

- More generification.

- All WSRP tests now run and pass pending update of portlet and common module in thirdparty.

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Rollbacked changes on generated sources.
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Use new MediaType

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- Removed CorePortletInfo and attached directly the different sub Info

- Session Info configured in jboss-portlet.xml was ignored

- CurrentUsersPortlet doesn't need to be a JBoss Portlet

- Added a warning for former portlet using the JBossPortlet extension to add the filter

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- Fixed problem with IncompatibleClassChangeError after updating modules libraries but header injection

still does not work (properties set in HeaderInterceptor are lost along the way by the time the

fragment, which might actually not be the same as the one processed in HeaderInterceptor but this needs

to be determined, gets to InternalContentProvider)...

- Adapted to use PortletInfo.getAttachment: CorePortletInfo is now an attachment on ContainerPortletInfo.

- Added toString on MarkupAttribute and MarkupElement.

- More generification.

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- Use groupId for application name as it kind of means the same thing...
- Adapted to changes in PC 2.0: should compile in isolation for now but not tested at all since need to wait for rest of update:

+ Renamed ActionContextRequestContext to RequestContextWrapper

+ Removed ThreadLocal handling of rewriters in RenderHandler (make code more complex for no reason)

+ RequestProcessor.initInvocation now returns the created invocation object and move some more common code to prepareInvocation

+ Moved code that used to be in WSRPActionContext to WSRPRequestContext (with adaptations)

+ Removed now useless WSRPActionContext and WSRPRenderContext

+ Now create OpaqueStateString directly as former factory method on StateString does not exist anymore

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