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Prepare for next development iteration
Tag 1.2.4
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Prepare for re-tag 1.2.4
Prepare for re-release - JBOSS_UNIT_1_2_4
Tag 1.2.4
Prepare for release - JBOSS_UNIT_1_2_4
Prepare for release - fix poms
Prepare for release - fix poms
JBoss AS7 support - Fix for hang on exit due to non-demon threads
Prepare for next iteration
Tagging cms 1.2.9
Prepare for 1.2.9 release

Secured content not available through CMSPreviewServlet if LDAP is used

JBEPP-920: Upgrade Jackrabbit version to 1.6.4; Improve DeleteCommand
Changing version number

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Preparing for tagging

JBPORTAL-2479: Read file.encoding system property on initialization, set character encoding before retrieving request parameters
Getting ready for next release

Tagging the CMS module


JBEPP-165 - making pre-loading for JBossCachePersistenceManager configurable

Using correct version number

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Tagging Identity 1.1.2

Patch branch for JBEPP-351: Leaks in LDAP connection pooling
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JBPORTAL-2476 - Fix leaks in JNDI connection pooling
fix to not require new options set in configuration

fix to not require new options set in configuration

Correct versions

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Tagging cms 1.2.7