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- Updated pom files with more recent versions of modules.

- Commented out remoting which doesn't seem to be needed to compile or tests (plus it's imported by some module).

- Some javadoc updates.
Updated to use version 1.0.0 of parent instead of inexisting 1-SNAPSHOT
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- Use gwt-servlet instead of gwt-user.

- Re-add MC kernel that got removed for some reason. Without it, it won't deploy with gwt-servlet. Not sure why it was deploying with gwt-user.

- Made computing compiler classpath more generic, should work on all platforms now with less code...
Convenient script to start the embedded mode

Would at least work on most machines. Not a great solution though
Fixed some stuff
- Rollback

- Upgraded GWT

- Removed Warnings

- Added Action support (model is hard-filled with a single action)

- JBoss 5 support

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Eclipse files + SVN ignores
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retrieves full content from a window (expiration+title+markup) instead of just the markup
- add a bit of javadoc

- renaming the very first GWT RPC I did "ping()" method to "getRoot()"

dummy class placeholder for things to do, will remove later
remove unused interface
very minor javadoc
My very first contribution to the presenation framework ;)

- removing Maven warning about Sun servlet move in the repo

fix issue where a pane drag would prevent the usage of one of its children
javadoc does not hurt
improved DnD
fix the droppable selection that was not taking in account the window scroll values
fix the droppable selection that was not taking in account the window scroll values
a bit of javadoc
basic DnD working
better logging display
add droppable interface
add droppable interface
make draggable callback to update the visual style of a dragged element
start to implement drag and drop
start to implement drag and drop