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- JBPORTAL-1771: Added support to set listener on portal nodes graphically in the admin GUI.

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- Fixed build problems on JDK 1.4.
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Check that the user's dashboard exists before attempting to delete it

mirror change from 2.6 branch

- Added 1column layout

- Admin main page is now using the 1column layout

Merge from 2_6 Branch.

- CMS/workflow seperation

- New identity portlets integration

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- Cleaned-up markup a little.
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changed some properties to optional instead of mandatory usage
Link to default page, wasn't displayed on "Configure Dashboard"

- RenderPortletInstanceCommand was left out from the InstanceURLFactory (problem enountered by Emanuel while trying to use it with non-logged in users)

- JBPORTAL-1666: When redploying, removed preferences in portlet-instances.xml are not deleted

JBPORTAL-1600: Dashboard also includes protected resources from 'template' on creation

JBPORTAL-1614: Cannot access dashboard if logged in as user that has a "." (dot) in the username

Fixed and rollbacked again.

- JBPORTAL-1644: Works only partially as I haven't been able to refresh the current page without causing instability in the functionality (i.e. after a while, clicking on Make default links results in seemingly random behavior with the id request parameter passed to PortalObjectManagerBean not corresponding to the clicked link).

- Added default property on PortalObject via AdminPropertyResolver.

- Made PortalObject comparable to support for children ordering.

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forgot to sync code revert from 2.6 branch
JBPORTAL-1627: Problem destroying service portal:service=ContentRenderer,type=GoogleWidgetPortletInstance

Fix bad undeployment of generic content types

Oups, jdk 5 code

Icones for Admin mode

JBPORTAL-1608: CMS content type always display with no decoration

Now the "DecorateContent" attribute only defines a default behavior, but it can be overridden by portal object properties

JBPORTAL-1614: Allow '.' in username, and portal object names.

JBPORTAL-1623 : Create Admin icon for the different themes for the new admin portlet mode (for Renaissance)
JBPORTAL-1630 : WindowState and Mode comparator severely broken
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JBPORTAL-1629: NullPointerException after adding a google portlet to dashboard

Contribution of Roman Kalyakin, thanks !

JBPORTAL-1621: "title" attribute of "link" tag in jboss-portlet.xml is unhandled


JBPORTAL-1621: "title" attribute of "link" tag in jboss-portlet.xml is unhandled

- Fixed default portal / default page behavior

- JBPORTAL-1324: Multiple portals / custom url : set the default portal name

- JBPORTAL-1616: Portal link should redirect to the default page of the default portal

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- JBPORTAL-1612: Let the user specify a redirection on the signout URL mapping

- Sign Out, URL factory now specify the redirection location

- JBPORTAL-1590: Fix logging

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JBPORTAL-1622:Implement 'admin' portlet mode
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JBPORTAL-1620: location on signOut method is ignored