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Delete trunk...

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- JBPORTAL-1771: Added support to set listener on portal nodes graphically in the admin GUI.

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Add box around the wizard

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added border around admin tab content area
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- JBPORTAL-1642: added separation between object path and content.
copy over fix for JBPORTAL-1657
- JBPORTAL-1657: Finished styling of confirmation pages.

- JBPORTAL-1704: Moved img directory.

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- JBPORTAL-1642: removed action CSS classes in path bar that were still present.
-JBPORTAL-1539: Steps in wizard are misaligned...
- JBPORTAL-1657: Added icon, started styling.
- JBPORTAL-1642: added create instance icon, better styling of object path, several style improvements (thanks, Meriah!)

- JBPORTAL-1650: fixed theme pages.

- JBPORTAL-1696, JBPORTAL-1697, JBPORTAL-1698: added proper classes and associated styling.

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- JBPORTAL-1682: Fixed comparator to use display name instead of id.
- JBPORTAL-1642: added action icons and pictures for object path navigation. Thanks, Meriah!
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- JBPORTAL-1695: added divs for easier styling.
- JBPORTAL-1694: added pathItem class on unselected (and non separator) li elements.
- JBPORTAL-1690: added action* styles that were missed the first time around.
Don't let the user rename the default dashboard page
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- JBPORTAL-1690: added action* styles.

- JBPORTAL-1691: added placeholder image.

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- Cleaned-up markup a little.
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- JBPORTAL-1677: Split functionality into several pages (though everything is handled by instances.xhtml)

- JBPORTAL-1678: Do not show preferences link in portlet definitions list (was already done for instances).

- JBPORTAL-1671: Split functionality into several pages (though everything is handled by portlets.xhtml), removed now useless showPortletInfo.xhtml.
- Do not display > before the root object.

- Fixed improper showing of operation on all objects of the path instead of just the last one.

- JBPORTAL-1676: Do not display preference table if there are no preferences.
- JBPORTAL-1657: Fixed issue with empty parent name (root case).
- JBPORTAL-1657: Updated instance deletion confirmation page.
JBPORTAL-1311: Renaming a page should be possible in the dashboard and management portlet

- JBPORTAL-1670: Added style for object names outside of tables.
- Simplified navigation code.

- Added styling of object names outside of tables.

- JBPORTAL-1665: Fixed highlighting of selected range.

- JBPORTAL-1588: Now properly shows the newly created instance when re-directing to instance list.

- JBPORTAL-1654: Added separators.