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- JBPORTAL-1771: Added support to set listener on portal nodes graphically in the admin GUI.

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- JBPORTAL-1682: Fixed comparator to use display name instead of id.
- JBPORTAL-1671: Split functionality into several pages (though everything is handled by portlets.xhtml), removed now useless showPortletInfo.xhtml.
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JBPORTAL-1311: Renaming a page should be possible in the dashboard and management portlet

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- JBPORTAL-1665: Fixed highlighting of selected range.

- JBPORTAL-1588: Now properly shows the newly created instance when re-directing to instance list.

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- JBPORTAL-1656: Fixed NPE if the associated portlet doesn't exist when trying to delete a window.

- JBPORTAL-1657: Improvements to confirm deletion dialog: more explicit, doesn't select the object anymore when cancelling the operation.

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- Fixed incorrect given types in PropertyDecorator constructors.
- JBPORTAL-1644: Use dataTable instead of forEach to solve the randomness issue (thanks, Thomas!).
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- JBPORTAL-1644: Works only partially as I haven't been able to refresh the current page without causing instability in the functionality (i.e. after a while, clicking on Make default links results in seemingly random behavior with the id request parameter passed to PortalObjectManagerBean not corresponding to the clicked link).

- Added default property on PortalObject via AdminPropertyResolver.

- Made PortalObject comparable to support for children ordering.

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JBPORTAL-1569: Adding window properties with names starting with one of the letters from the range 'a-t' fails

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- Fixed default portal / default page behavior

- JBPORTAL-1324: Multiple portals / custom url : set the default portal name

- JBPORTAL-1616: Portal link should redirect to the default page of the default portal

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Initial checkin of portal-admin test framework
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  1. ./org/jboss/portal/test/core/admin/bootstrap
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JBPORTAL-1622:Implement 'admin' portlet mode
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rollback refactoring
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- refactor the classes from admin.ui to admin.portal.ui

- moved jsf/* to jsf/portal/*

- splited faces-config.xml into faces-config-portal.xml

to later on add a jsf user portlet in admin.user.ui

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- Fixed incorrect form styling in admin GUI.

- Fixed improper display of select elements.

- Introduced constants for text in ControlPropertiesBean.

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* Fix wsrp build

* Remove core-admin sar isolation

* Samples missing

* Fix deploy-all/undeploy-all for portal-admin-wsrp.sar

* JBPORTAL-1509: Window name set the previously defined value when content-type has changed

* JBPORTAL-1584: Hide the CMS Content-type selector portlets definitions and instances

* Removed unused former portlet (need some cleanup here)

* Ignore build/output for SVN

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- JBPORTAL-1574: Handle root case specifically so that we bypass issue with Oracle.

- Use constants instead of hardcoded values (more could be done in particular for LegacyFormat)...

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fix issue in the oprtal control properties configurator that was not showing the right select items
- Added '.' for consistency.
improved a bit usability of widgets and clear content selection on content type change
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improve nav state management of the widget selection during the workflow
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- renamed ThemeProperyAction -> ThemeBean

- attached the ThemeBean to PortalObjectManager

- use the editTheme for editing the default theme values of the dashboards

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- make the PropertyAction bean lifecycle managed by the PortalObjectManager in order to get it attached to the right POMGR and have the capability to edit dashboard properties
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- sort entries in PropertiesBean otherwise it leads to update a wrong property since the update rely on the order in the iteration
- added DND as a property updatable by the administrator
- update ui:portlet component to take in account the view state id part of the context required by SunRI

- make page layout work with SunRI

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- fix for ui:portlet component to work with Sun RI
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- improved implementation of control properties by leveraging OO inheritence to avoid duplicate code

- allow to edit properties of root context since it owns now state

- added inheritable state on PropertyBean to describe if a property can inherit or not the value based on the presence or not of a parent which allow to set the inheritable boolean checkbox to unchecked+disabled

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