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- refactor the classes from admin.ui to admin.portal.ui

- moved jsf/* to jsf/portal/*

- splited faces-config.xml into faces-config-portal.xml

to later on add a jsf user portlet in admin.user.ui

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* Fix wsrp build

* Remove core-admin sar isolation

* Samples missing

* Fix deploy-all/undeploy-all for portal-admin-wsrp.sar

* JBPORTAL-1509: Window name set the previously defined value when content-type has changed

* JBPORTAL-1584: Hide the CMS Content-type selector portlets definitions and instances

* Removed unused former portlet (need some cleanup here)

* Ignore build/output for SVN

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improved a bit usability of widgets and clear content selection on content type change
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improve nav state management of the widget selection during the workflow
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- update ui:portlet component to take in account the view state id part of the context required by SunRI

- make page layout work with SunRI

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removed System.out
page layout editor improvements:

- workflow for content configuration simplified

- removed the target region combo box

- auto submit of content editor selection

- switched region / content selection left<->right

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Define a default renderSet.
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Keep window name and target region defined when navigating for content
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improved content provider stuff : less registries
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updated the render parameter convention to be clearer for portlet content editors
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finished to implement the layout capabilities for the dashboard editor
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bug fixes
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redone the dashboard editor using facelet
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