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rollback refactoring
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- refactor the classes from admin.ui to admin.portal.ui

- moved jsf/* to jsf/portal/*

- splited faces-config.xml into faces-config-portal.xml

to later on add a jsf user portlet in admin.user.ui

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- JBPORTAL-1518: Updated theme section to look similar to the other sections.
added vertical separations between management frames
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Added Meriah's cosmetic changes
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- splitted error handling into portal error handling and page error handling

- moved out the error handling header in order to make it customizable according to the context

- added header for theme editition in dashboard

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- renamed ThemeProperyAction -> ThemeBean

- attached the ThemeBean to PortalObjectManager

- use the editTheme for editing the default theme values of the dashboards

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added dashboards facelets
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