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- JBPORTAL-1644:

+ Removed drop down action.

+ Mistakenly added Make Default to windows list.

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- Fixed default portal / default page behavior

- JBPORTAL-1324: Multiple portals / custom url : set the default portal name

- JBPORTAL-1616: Portal link should redirect to the default page of the default portal

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rollback refactoring
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- refactor the classes from admin.ui to admin.portal.ui

- moved jsf/* to jsf/portal/*

- splited faces-config.xml into faces-config-portal.xml

to later on add a jsf user portlet in admin.user.ui

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- improved implementation of control properties by leveraging OO inheritence to avoid duplicate code

- allow to edit properties of root context since it owns now state

- added inheritable state on PropertyBean to describe if a property can inherit or not the value based on the presence or not of a parent which allow to set the inheritable boolean checkbox to unchecked+disabled

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Add a portal label beside the field
fix window content selection
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rollback one change which is not good : don't display children nav on all pages, only on main pages
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improve structure a bit
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