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- JBPORTAL-1642: removed action CSS classes in path bar that were still present.
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- JBPORTAL-1694: added pathItem class on unselected (and non separator) li elements.
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- JBPORTAL-1690: added action* styles.

- JBPORTAL-1691: added placeholder image.

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- JBPORTAL-1677: Split functionality into several pages (though everything is handled by instances.xhtml)

- JBPORTAL-1678: Do not show preferences link in portlet definitions list (was already done for instances).

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- JBPORTAL-1665: Fixed highlighting of selected range.

- JBPORTAL-1588: Now properly shows the newly created instance when re-directing to instance list.

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- JBPORTAL-1643: Replaced Destroy by Delete.
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rollback refactoring
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- refactor the classes from admin.ui to admin.portal.ui

- moved jsf/* to jsf/portal/*

- splited faces-config.xml into faces-config-portal.xml

to later on add a jsf user portlet in admin.user.ui

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JBPORTAL-1568: Navigation broken after 120 elements, now it can handle 127*nBelementsPerPage elements.
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when portlet provider is changed, reset the pagination index to 0 / increased the pagination size to 20 / externalized the pagination size in faces-config.xml / do not display paginator when count < pagination size
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Revert to have something working
JBPORTAL-1452: The "Security" and "Preferences" actions show their screens below the portlet instance list
JBPORTAL-1453: The destroy action for portlet instances has no confirmation screen for it.
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JBPORTAL-1451: If the portlet instance has no Preferences, do not show the Preferences link for it.
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JBPORTAL-1449: In the Portlet Instance Details that show up at the bottom of the portlet when a portlet instance ID is clicked, the field data should be left aligned in a column next to the labels.

JBPORTAL-1450: The "Show the associated portlet" link should be removed

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security update/cancel was not working properly : fixes that
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Removed form inside form
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- Add submit and cancel buttons on instances security

- Make cancel buttons work on security pages

- Let the admin modify the Personalize security flag on instances

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- Fixed off by one error in pagination.

- Display "Unnamed" if no name was provided for the portlet in the wizard (this is the case with Oracle's public producer...).

- Add portlet description as title in td for the portlet selection (hovering above the link will display it).

- Improved highlighting of selected in pagination.

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acceptable layout for the preference editor
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redone the UI preferences editor which was crappy
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improve admin app performances by defining a clear lifecycle for runtime state and also make the clear distinction between the different scopes of state : nav state fields / runtime state fields / wired services.

it allows to cache the runtime fields for the life cycle of the web request, probably will improve it by moving this state into a separate bean scoped at request and wired with the session beans which hold the navigational state

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refactored the core-admin to have package names that reflect more its nature (management->admin)
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