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- improved implementation of control properties by leveraging OO inheritence to avoid duplicate code

- allow to edit properties of root context since it owns now state

- added inheritable state on PropertyBean to describe if a property can inherit or not the value based on the presence or not of a parent which allow to set the inheritable boolean checkbox to unchecked+disabled

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moved converters in a conversion package
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when portlet provider is changed, reset the pagination index to 0 / increased the pagination size to 20 / externalized the pagination size in faces-config.xml / do not display paginator when count < pagination size
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*partialy* working error handling configuration in property editor
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- fix in ClassConstantPublisherBean config

- use ClassConstantPublisherBean for PortalObject constants used in the objects.xhtml

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hide unknown region when it is empty in the page layout editor
auto submit of page selection in the dashboard editor
page layout editor improvements:

- workflow for content configuration simplified

- removed the target region combo box

- auto submit of content editor selection

- switched region / content selection left<->right

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column reorder in property editor
minimal fix for property editor to handle inheritance
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better naming of control policies
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Revert to have something working
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JBPORTAL-1413: The Portlet Instance list should have a field label describing what it is
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Modifying theme had no effect, thanks rharari for the patch !
Alignement with other tables
JBPORTAL-1410: The text box to create a page, and the drop-down list below it should be left aligned in the same column.

JBPORTAL-1411: The text box for creating a nested page, and the drop-down list for the default page should be left aligned in the same column.

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JBPORTAL-1445: The "Destroy" screen should show the tabs similar to the other screens in the management portlet.
JBPORTAL-1425: In Step 2 "Select Portal", the "Previous" button should have the same padding as the "Next" button.
update of JSF meta bridge to handle the myfaces servlet context listener
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JBPORTAL-1452: The "Security" and "Preferences" actions show their screens below the portlet instance list
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JBPORTAL-1444: The "Please set the display options for the portal: " label at the top of the screen should be replaced with the title "Theme Properties".
JBPORTAL-1453: The destroy action for portlet instances has no confirmation screen for it.
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JBPORTAL-1416: The "Step" panels at the top of each of the wizard pages should be clickable
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JBPORTAL-1451: If the portlet instance has no Preferences, do not show the Preferences link for it.
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JBPORTAL-1449: In the Portlet Instance Details that show up at the bottom of the portlet when a portlet instance ID is clicked, the field data should be left aligned in a column next to the labels.

JBPORTAL-1450: The "Show the associated portlet" link should be removed

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JBPORTAL-1448: The "Yes" and "No" links should be made into buttons to be consistent with the rest of the screens in the portlet.
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JBPORTAL-1447: The WARNING message should be increased in size, and bolded to show its importance.
JBPORTAL-1443: The "Update" and "Cancel" buttons in the "Theme" screen should be left aligned.
JBPORTAL-1441: In the "Theme" screen for a portal object, the border and "Theme Properties" label should be removed.
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JBPORTAL-1435: The "Properties" screen for portal objects should have a "Cancel" button.