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when there is a screen name in the path nav, make the portal object clickable to return to the actual portal object screen
implement usability improvement that shows the type of the object in the path nav as well as the contextual screen name when there is one
Dashboard label to Dashboards as it is about managing dashboards
- splitted error handling into portal error handling and page error handling

- moved out the error handling header in order to make it customizable according to the context

- added header for theme editition in dashboard

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- renamed ThemeProperyAction -> ThemeBean

- attached the ThemeBean to PortalObjectManager

- use the editTheme for editing the default theme values of the dashboards

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- make the PropertyAction bean lifecycle managed by the PortalObjectManager in order to get it attached to the right POMGR and have the capability to edit dashboard properties
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added dashboards facelets
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- update ui:portlet component to take in account the view state id part of the context required by SunRI

- make page layout work with SunRI

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- fix for ui:portlet component to work with Sun RI
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- improved implementation of control properties by leveraging OO inheritence to avoid duplicate code

- allow to edit properties of root context since it owns now state

- added inheritable state on PropertyBean to describe if a property can inherit or not the value based on the presence or not of a parent which allow to set the inheritable boolean checkbox to unchecked+disabled

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moved converters in a conversion package
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when portlet provider is changed, reset the pagination index to 0 / increased the pagination size to 20 / externalized the pagination size in faces-config.xml / do not display paginator when count < pagination size
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*partialy* working error handling configuration in property editor
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- fix in ClassConstantPublisherBean config

- use ClassConstantPublisherBean for PortalObject constants used in the objects.xhtml

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hide unknown region when it is empty in the page layout editor
auto submit of page selection in the dashboard editor
page layout editor improvements:

- workflow for content configuration simplified

- removed the target region combo box

- auto submit of content editor selection

- switched region / content selection left<->right

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column reorder in property editor
minimal fix for property editor to handle inheritance
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better naming of control policies
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Revert to have something working
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JBPORTAL-1413: The Portlet Instance list should have a field label describing what it is
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Modifying theme had no effect, thanks rharari for the patch !
Alignement with other tables
JBPORTAL-1410: The text box to create a page, and the drop-down list below it should be left aligned in the same column.

JBPORTAL-1411: The text box for creating a nested page, and the drop-down list for the default page should be left aligned in the same column.

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JBPORTAL-1445: The "Destroy" screen should show the tabs similar to the other screens in the management portlet.
JBPORTAL-1425: In Step 2 "Select Portal", the "Previous" button should have the same padding as the "Next" button.
update of JSF meta bridge to handle the myfaces servlet context listener
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JBPORTAL-1452: The "Security" and "Preferences" actions show their screens below the portlet instance list
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JBPORTAL-1444: The "Please set the display options for the portal: " label at the top of the screen should be replaced with the title "Theme Properties".