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Delete trunk...

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JBPORTAL-1709 - CMS Admin, unify the UI with the other admin portlets
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JBPORTAL-1124 - CMS needs to allow admins to make pages as live w/o editing the page (Adding Better icons for live/non-live versions)
JBPORTAL-1124 - CMS needs to allow admins to make pages as live w/o editing the page and

JBPORTAL-1693 - Upload Archive throws exception if zip file entries contain special characters in filename

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Merge from 2_6 Branch.

- CMS/workflow seperation

- New identity portlets integration

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- Fix Management mbeans (JBoss ON)

- core-management Eclipse classpath

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Adding missing dependency

JBPORTAL-1609 - cms cache dependency on cms service is flipped
* Fix wsrp build

* Remove core-admin sar isolation

* Samples missing

* Fix deploy-all/undeploy-all for portal-admin-wsrp.sar

* JBPORTAL-1509: Window name set the previously defined value when content-type has changed

* JBPORTAL-1584: Hide the CMS Content-type selector portlets definitions and instances

* Removed unused former portlet (need some cleanup here)

* Ignore build/output for SVN

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CMSPortlet : change internal properties from private to protected - JBPORTAL-1506
CMS Administration: Create File: Validate title has content - JBPORTAL-1544
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charset encoding with commons-fileupload-1.1.1 - http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBPORTAL-1550 [Thanks to patch provided by Luca Stancapiano(l.stancapiano@k-tech.it)]
JBPORTAL-1543:Wrong two n in AnnonymousUser and AnnonymousRole class name
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Apply stylesheet fix in trunk
update cms integration content selector workflow
filter instances in portlet content editor portlet to not show portlet which are them selves content editors based on their portlet mode declarations
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Italian language files. Contribution of Luca Stancapiano [JBPORTAL-1476]

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minor fix for POJO injection into InternalCMSContentProvider
added experimental scope for portal object property info
JBPORTAL-1466 : Provide customizable error handling
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- extracted related IO methods from Tools to io.IOTools

- added test cases for IOTools

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- Removed redundant casts.
JBPORTAL-1413: The Portlet Instance list should have a field label describing what it is
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ERROR level to INFO level statement
improve dashboard implementation
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Fix JBPORTAL-1398: CMS content redirecting to index page after failure in streaming content
Eclipse update

Bug Fix: Access denied while viewing document in CMSAdmin Portlet - JBPORTAL-1378
Fix For: Fine Grained CMS permissions not accurately enforced in a clustered environment - JBPORTAL-1212
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- document the header injection of content in dtd
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