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Delete trunk...

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mirror change from 2.6 branch
Icones for Admin mode

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JBPORTAL-1623 : Create Admin icon for the different themes for the new admin portlet mode (for Renaissance)
JBPORTAL-1630 : WindowState and Mode comparator severely broken
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JBPORTAL-1622:Implement 'admin' portlet mode
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- Log4j patch for bundle version

- IE improvements

- JBPORTAL-1591: Fixed 3 columns layout

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- JBPORTAL-1510: do not underline portlet-mode links on hover...
- Fixed issues with styles.

- Improved markup.

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Added Meriah's cosmetic changes
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JBPORTAL-1326: Floating "Powered by JBoss" patch by Luca Stancapiano
Revert icons
Background in wrong position
- fix DnD handle for decoration : the div decoration renderer was floating elements which was causing the dnd zone to be only the portlet actions and the title. Adding a div having style clear:both in the dyna renderer solved the issue.
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- define droppable css in one common css file

- redefine the droppable css in renaissance to better fit with the theme

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- Fix portlet-table-footer.
Fix: Columns in user portlet search results are not aligned correctly. [JBPORTAL-1308]
Display sub-menus on IE6
improving the page layout editor
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Contribution from Martin Putz

- Better CSS, stopped the flying "Powered by"

- Doesn't break on IE6 when multiple rows of tabs

King of CSS:

* Fixed: Theme Maple contains image that removes dashboard navigation links [JBPORTAL-1236]

* Fixed, sub-navigation pages are now just below the page name...

(more to fix, the content background doesn't fill up all the height of the page on Firefox at least)

- Roles were not displayed anymore

- Cosmetic change

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JBPORTAL-1202 - fixed css dropdown submenus not showing in main nav in ie6
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JBPORTAL-1136 - fixed horizontal scroll bar
new normal icon
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JBPORTAL-1088 - stylize submenus in cmsadmin ui

JBPORTAL-1017 - stylize submenus in tabs

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JBPORTAL-1088 - change of form button appearance
JBPORTAL-1088 - Finished main page changes
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JBPORTAL-1017 - CSS Submenus when tab onHover.
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