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- JBPORTAL-1394: Do not attempt to close the valve if the container didn't properly start.
- JBPORTAL-1391: obsolete (line causing the exception has changed), however it was probably caused due to a null portletApp.
on portlet app deployment put the key that is a duplicate or absent during add/remove operations
JBPORTAL-1466 : Provide customizable error handling
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move URL related utils to the common.net package
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- extracted related IO methods from Tools to io.IOTools

- added test cases for IOTools

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- Fixed typo.
- Added toString so that debugging is easier.
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- Properly handle remotable status.
- Added check for null jbossPortletMD.

- Typo.

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- introduced PortletInfoFactory that allows to plug in PortletInfo extension

- replaced usage of build time meta data in portlet core aspects by an extension of the portlet runtime meta data

- optimized security checks in the PortalNodeImpl object by leveraging the fact that the security check view recursive on a node will imply the security check view on its children

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minor javadoc
- MapAccessor.getMap now distinguishes between accessing the Map with an intent to modify it or just read data off of it. This allows for lazy initialization.
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- removed obsolete LocaleInfo class

- moved locale conversion methods which are useful and used to new LocaleFormat class which alllow conversion of Locale to a string format back and forth

- updated test cases accordingly

- moved ConversionException class to o.j.p.common.util so it can be reused more easily in various packages

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- fix for JBPORTAL-1315 : Portlets "forget" that they are in EDIT mode

- added modules-package-tests so it is possible to package tests all modules with the build/build.xml file

- remove the nav state scope from the server module

- pass the ControllerContext as part of the doMapping(...) in CommandFactories so they can retrieve the nav state scope correctly

- updated fix that Thomas did for the prb with the maximized/normal window issue

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- update web test framework

- improved the partial refresh window test case

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- introduced an abstraction for remote test

- make the http test stuff use extend the remote test abstraction

- added support for web UI tests

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slight improvement of HTTPTestContext
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make PortalContext.getPortalInfo() test pass
temporarily make the AbstractInfoTest an HttpTestCase in order to avoid the class cast exception
remove empty dir
fix portlet and server test framework
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Quick fix for keeping the window maximized when triggering a link in a maximized window.
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extract the servlet container spi into a 'web' module. it will probably contains different implementations in the future
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- improving implementation request dispatching from portlet to servlet

- added more test cases for the request dispatching from portlet to servlet

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- More ProducerInfo tests.

- Added toString and hashCode implementation on PortletContext and StatefulPortletContext.

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minor javadoc for RequestContext interface
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- improve request dispatching responsibilities to portlet container

- do not expose client request and client response from RequestContext (because it may be unsafe to use them at some point in the pipeline)

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remove useless cast
- improved implementation of how a portlet request handle request attributes

- added test cases for servlet filter calls when a portlet request dispatches to a servlet : only filters using the INCLUDE dispatcher should be called

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