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minor javadoc
- MapAccessor.getMap now distinguishes between accessing the Map with an intent to modify it or just read data off of it. This allows for lazy initialization.
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- removed obsolete LocaleInfo class

- moved locale conversion methods which are useful and used to new LocaleFormat class which alllow conversion of Locale to a string format back and forth

- updated test cases accordingly

- moved ConversionException class to o.j.p.common.util so it can be reused more easily in various packages

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- fix for JBPORTAL-1315 : Portlets "forget" that they are in EDIT mode

- added modules-package-tests so it is possible to package tests all modules with the build/build.xml file

- remove the nav state scope from the server module

- pass the ControllerContext as part of the doMapping(...) in CommandFactories so they can retrieve the nav state scope correctly

- updated fix that Thomas did for the prb with the maximized/normal window issue

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- update web test framework

- improved the partial refresh window test case

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- introduced an abstraction for remote test

- make the http test stuff use extend the remote test abstraction

- added support for web UI tests

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slight improvement of HTTPTestContext
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make PortalContext.getPortalInfo() test pass
temporarily make the AbstractInfoTest an HttpTestCase in order to avoid the class cast exception
remove empty dir
fix portlet and server test framework
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Quick fix for keeping the window maximized when triggering a link in a maximized window.
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extract the servlet container spi into a 'web' module. it will probably contains different implementations in the future
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- improving implementation request dispatching from portlet to servlet

- added more test cases for the request dispatching from portlet to servlet

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- More ProducerInfo tests.

- Added toString and hashCode implementation on PortletContext and StatefulPortletContext.

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minor javadoc for RequestContext interface
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- improve request dispatching responsibilities to portlet container

- do not expose client request and client response from RequestContext (because it may be unsafe to use them at some point in the pipeline)

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remove useless cast
- improved implementation of how a portlet request handle request attributes

- added test cases for servlet filter calls when a portlet request dispatches to a servlet : only filters using the INCLUDE dispatcher should be called

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- moved LocaleInfo to i18n package too

- javadoc improvements

- cache LocalizedString hashCode and toString

- made LocalizedString final

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moved i18n stuff from common.util to common.i18n package
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extracted ResourceBundleManager in common package from portlet module
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make jsr168 test execute
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fix portlet xml unmarshaller test case
fixed core module test cases
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rather use a scope for portlet invocation that does not use the servlet request attributes as it leads to collision when using nested portlet invocation (which is the case with the JSF component that shows a portlet when used in a portlet bridge).
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fixing bad timing for setting the portlet container info on portlet invocation
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improved attribute management on the portlet invocation for the portlet container info attribute
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better implementation of portlet preferences
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svn or idea forgot to delete a refactored class