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Merge from 2_6 Branch.

- CMS/workflow seperation

- New identity portlets integration

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merge changes from JBoss_Portal_Branch_2_6
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- honour URLTools.performGet that must returns null when no answer is available

- Use the RSS mode of google gadgets for more reliable catalog queries

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rollback uiserver prototype
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renamed getPreferencesInfo() and getPreferenceInfo() to getPreferences() and getPreference() on the GGWidgetPreferencesInfo
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improved a bit usability of widgets and clear content selection on content type change
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improve nav state management of the widget selection during the workflow
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update the workflow for gadget selection
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updated the render parameter convention to be clearer for portlet content editors
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GG : handle hidden types in an input type=hidden
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Change the Add word to Select as it works for updating or adding
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minor layout improvement + corrected styles
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- implemented GG enums

- better formatting of GG editor

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added query support and cat support in the UI