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- JBPORTAL-1715: Added support for adding registration properties (does not work properly but committing for synchronization purpose: QNameConverter will probably be removed to avoid CCE with XB).

- Moved Hibernate configuration to a location mirroring that of other modules.

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- JBPORTAL-1715: Added support for saving producer configuration (finally figured out that you can't use a FileWriter directly to marshall objects with XB).

- Added XML Schema version of the producer configuration file format (required for XB marshalling to work properly, haven't been able to use the DTD for that purpose).

- Added logging to ManagedBean.

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- Renamed ProducerRegistrationRequirements.requiresRegistration to isRegistrationRequired to follow Java Beans conventions.

- Renamed ProducerRegistrationRequirements.fullServiceDescriptionRequiresRegistration to isRegistrationRequiredForFullDescription to follow Java Beans conventions.

- Removed unused classes.

- JBPORTAL-1725: set failed status to false if WSDL was properly set.
- JBPORTAL-1722: Surrounded access to portlet invoker by calls to RegistrationLocal.setRegistration(registration) and finally { RegistrationLocal.setRegistration(null); }

to make sure that the proper registration is seen.

- Improved service description logic. Should now be possible to write code to filter service description based on registration data.

- Renamed methods more appropriately.

- JBPORTAL-1717: Improved logic.
- JBPORTAL-1717:

+ Properly update retry count if response is null and return an ErrorResponse if it reaches the max number of retries.

+ Updated test case.

- Fixed build problems on JDK 1.4.
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- Re-wrote dependency handling of build file to use AS libs wherever possible instead of using thirparty to avoid conflicts of versions. NOTE that this required some changes compared to the 2.6 version.

- JBPORTAL-1167: Improved exception handling by using SOAPFaultException. Needs more testing.

- JBPORTAL-1392: Initial commit, works Portal to Portal. Needs more testing.

- Moved invocation package content to producer content as part of work on JBPORTAL-1392.

- NOTE: producer tests fail at this time because of a WS class not being serializable. One possible solution could be to make sure that the producer tests go through the WS stack.

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- Use JBoss logging instead of log4j.

+ ConsumerRegistryService should be able to start even if a consumer throws an Exception.

+ Added ServiceFactory.isFailed method to avoid infinite loop if a consumer is not available and fails to start.

+ Now uses a default validator for registration properties if none was provided (to allow for empty registration configurations.

+ RegistrationPolicy is not initialized anymore if registration is not required.

+ Do not initialize RegistrationManager if registration is not required.

+ Updated ProducerConfigurationTestCase.

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JBPORTAL-1632: Changed constraints on Producer DTD, added test case.
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- Removed empty directory.
- JBPORTAL-1589: Better handling of invalid response from producers.
- JBPORTAL-1585: modifyRegistration and deregister now properly invalidate ProducerInfo's cache.

- JBPORTAL-1587: Added RegistrationInfo.setModified to be able to properly refresh RegistrationData as we cannot currently make it dirty from ConsumerBean.regPropListener.

- Fixed an issue where update and refreshConsumer in ConsumerBean would not properly detect that a refresh is needed.

- Added test cases.

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Sync Branch_2_6 with trunk

Servlet wrapper / JSF isolation

Splitting wrsp service and wsrp admin portlet

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- JBPORTAL-1565: Fixed issue with refresh not taking registration refresh result into account.

- JBPORTAL-1508: Correctly un/register with federated portlet invoker and removed cache of markup on admin portlet.

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Fix encoding issue.
- Delegated error handling and parameter retrieval methods from ConsumerBean to new BeanContext class to allow behavior to be JSF-independent. This allows for testing of JSF managed beans outside of a JSF environment.

- Improved ConsumerBean handling of modified state. Correct handling will require a new value change event listener which might not be the right way to go (i.e. is that level of complexity required in terms of 80/20).

- Added JSFBeanContext to implement BeanContext in a JSF context.

- Updated faces-config to use BeanContext.

- Added ConsumerBeanTestCase.

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- JBPORTAL-1492: Check that the consumer is registered before trying to deregister.
- Implemented access to modifyRegistration.
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- ProducerInfo.isRegistered now properly handles the case where registration properties have changed since registration.

- deregister and modifyRegistration throw IllegalStateException when called when the Consumer is not registered.

- RegistrationInfo now properly regenerates RegistrationData when needed and properly marks registration properties as valid after modifyRegistration or register.

- RegistrationInfo.resetRegistration doesn't reset as much information, just the information pertaining to the actual registration, not the producer metadata.

- Added tests for deregister and modifyRegistration.

- Make createSOAPFaultException work even without an HTTP context.
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- Endpoint info is now refreshed if needed before calling methods that don't refresh the whole ProducerInfo.

- Simplified check protecting modifyRegistration.

- Services are refreshed after the ServiceFactory is created.
- Modified RegistrationProperty handling of values to be able to better detect the validity status of the property and related test case.

- Modified Hibernate mapping for RegistrationProperty (invalid property is now a java.lang.Boolean instead of boolean).

- Started testing registration behavior on ProducerInfo.

- Added more test cases in particular to check that some methods properly result in the expected state.

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- ProducerInfo.getRegistrationContext was providing a code path where out of date information could be sent to the Producer.
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- Made activate call refresh to make sure that the consumer information is valid.
- Fixed incorrect text.