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Servlet wrapper / JSF isolation

Splitting wrsp service and wsrp admin portlet

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- JBPORTAL-1565: Fixed issue with refresh not taking registration refresh result into account.

- JBPORTAL-1508: Correctly un/register with federated portlet invoker and removed cache of markup on admin portlet.

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- Delegated error handling and parameter retrieval methods from ConsumerBean to new BeanContext class to allow behavior to be JSF-independent. This allows for testing of JSF managed beans outside of a JSF environment.

- Improved ConsumerBean handling of modified state. Correct handling will require a new value change event listener which might not be the right way to go (i.e. is that level of complexity required in terms of 80/20).

- Added JSFBeanContext to implement BeanContext in a JSF context.

- Updated faces-config to use BeanContext.

- Added ConsumerBeanTestCase.

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- Implemented access to modifyRegistration.
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- Made activate call refresh to make sure that the consumer information is valid.
- Validating registration should now be properly displayed when needed.
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- JBPORTAL-1395: Delay synchronization of values from ConsumerBean to persisted consumer.

- Check that given values are well-formed URLs.

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- Fixed incorrect mapping of registration properties which wouldn't be properly updated when the parent RegistrationInfo was modified.

- JBPORTAL-715: more work on modifyRegistration (detection of when calling modifyRegistration is not properly done yet).

- Added RegistrationInfo.isConsistentWithProducerExpectations and improved computing of whether a Registration is valid or not (replaced incorrect state).

- ServiceDescription is now computed on each request in ProducerInfo since it wasn't worth maintaining a state for it.

- Added more test cases.

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- JBPORTAL-715: Initial support for modifyRegistration (still buggy).

- RegistrationInfo.refresh now maintains a status of whether the registration is valid or not.

- ProducerInfo.refresh can force refreshing the registration information from the producer.

- Removed WSRPConsumer.refreshRegistrationInfo.

- Better updating of Producer state in DB.

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- JBPORTAL-715: Improved layout, behavior and information reporting

+ Fixed display of registration information

+ Moved refresh functionality to ConsumerManagerBean

+ Better display of consumer status

+ Can refresh from consumer list

+ Still needs work and testing.

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+ Improved layout, behavior and information reporting.

+ Implemented refresh functionality.

+ Still needs work and testing.

- Renamed RegistrationInfo.refreshRegistrationRequirementsFor to refresh.

- Refresh methods return more detailed information.

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- JBPORTAL-715: Better exception handling, in particular when an error occured that rendered the Consumer unavailable. FederatedPortletInvoker is not always in synch though so needed to account for that. A better solution will be needed at some point.

- Added isActive method on WSRPConsumer.

- Made lang property required on RegistrationProperty but handling is not perfect (i.e. a language is not always readily available when a property is created...). RegistrationPropertyDescription tries to determine the language of the associated property...

- ConsumerRegistryService now ignores exceptions during start and stop to be able to process all the Consumers if one fails.

- Fixed error in RegistrationInfo.initialize (where local data was reset).

- RegistrationInfo.refreshRegistrationRequirementsFor now adds description to local properties when refresh occurs.

- Correctly set resource name when present in WSRPUtils.convertToLocalizedString.

- Updated and improved test cases.

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- JBPORTAL-1370: handle null consumer id gracefully.

- Better error handling and messages.

- Make sure that Consumer is marked as non-active if an error occurs during activation process.

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- JBPORTAL-715: Initial support for validating/replacing local registration properties by producer values and improved status reporting.

- Added WSRPConsumer.refreshRegistrationInfo method and implementation.

- Renamed ProducerInfo.requiresRegistration to isRegistrationRequired.

- Fixed isRegistered implementation.

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+ Re-activated immediate status of useWSDL.

+ More error messages.

+ ConsumerBean is now session-scoped and properly refreshes.

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+ Update consumer now works (was missing setter on ConsumerBean)

+ Added error messages support.

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- Removed use of ConsumerRegistry.getDefaultRegistration as ProducerInfo should now properly deal with not having a RegistrationInfo.

- RegistrationInfo is now again a one-to-one association to ProducerInfo.

- JBPORTAL-715: better handling of RegistrationInfo makes destroyConsumer work :)

- Minimize reliance on external visibility of RegistrationInfo by having getRegistrationContext method public on ProducerInfo.

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- Added ConsumerRegistry.destroyConsumer method (not tested).

- Improved support for releasing sessions on WSRPConsumer and ProducerSessionInformation. Issue exists to retrieve the appropriate ProducerSessionInformation without an invocation...

- JBPORTAL-715: started adding support for destroying a consumer.

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- Started support for updating consumer state.

- Started support for creating new consumers.

- Introduced ConsumerBean in hope it would help with updating the consumer state and for easier referencing in JSF.

- This solution is currently not working properly but I want to commit a version of it for reference purpose... it might get reverted to just using ConsumerManagerBean.

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- Now properly reset useWSDL status.
- Started to add support for choosing between using WSDL or not.

- Buttons on editConsumer don't work for some reasons... and styling is messed up. :(

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- More consumer configuration GUI: fixed de/activate and back button on consumer configuration page.

- Fixed ConsumerRegistryService.startOrStopConsumer.

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- More WSRP consumer UI: register/deregister seem to work, activate/deactivate doesn't.

- Need to find a way to return properly to the list view.

- Added registerOrDeregisterConsumerWith method on ConsumerRegistry.

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- Beginning of consumer configuration.
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- Started JSF implementation of WSRP Consumers configuration.

- Renamed portal.wsrp:service=ConsumersRegistry service to portal.wsrp:service=ConsumerRegistry.

- Added ProducerInfo.isRegistered method.

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