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- JBPORTAL-1715: Added support for adding registration properties (does not work properly but committing for synchronization purpose: QNameConverter will probably be removed to avoid CCE with XB).

- Moved Hibernate configuration to a location mirroring that of other modules.

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- Use FragmentResponse expiration instead of portlet metadata for cache info for better accuracy.
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- JBPORTAL-1252: Moved listener to SessionHandler, which is now un/registered when the associated consumer is stopped/started by ConsumerRegistryService.
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- Added SessionEventListenerRegistry to gather SessionListener and transmit session events to them.

- ReleaseSessionsSessionListener is now a service and registers with the registry.

- wsrp module now depends on core (should be fixed in future revisions).

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- Started JSF implementation of WSRP Consumers configuration.

- Renamed portal.wsrp:service=ConsumersRegistry service to portal.wsrp:service=ConsumerRegistry.

- Added ProducerInfo.isRegistered method.

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- Fixed mapping of registration properties in Hibernate configuration, which seems to have fixed the deployer issues! YEAH! ^_^

- ConsumerRegister.createConsumer takes cache expiration parameters since it allows for the cache value to be persisted if something goes wrong later.

- WSRPDeploymentFactory now handles persistence errors better.

- ProducerInfo.*register now properly update the state in DB and deregister doesn't reset the registration if the deregister operation failed.

- Improved service and AOP configuration.

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- JBPORTAL-1310: Attempting (without success) to force transactional context when deployer tries to deploy external -wsrp.xml files. (synchronization commit).
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- JBPORTAL-1264: Moved ConsumersRegistry* to wsrp.consumer and renamed the classes to ConsumerRegistry*.
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- Added setter and getter for EntityResolver on WSRPDeployerMBean to fix deployment issue.

- Activated DB-backed code on ConsumersRegistryService (will still require some major work).

- Use AOP to add transaction support on ConsumersRegistryService.startService method.

- Added means to see registration context on registered clients in GUI.

- Removed old dtd.

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- WSRPDeployer now uses an EntityResolver to use DTD validation of configuration files.

- Created dtd directory containing DTDs for both consumers and producer configuration.

- DTD for *-wsrp.xml format has been renamed to jboss-wsrp-consumer_2_6.dtd.

- Updated files and tests to use DTDs.

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- Started implementation of persistence of registrations on the consumer.

- Modified classes to work with Hibernate.

- Added Hibernate configuration files.

- Added service descriptions.

- Modified build to accomodate token filtering.

- Broke almost all the consumer tests (and some others too) but WSRP deploys correctly so hopefully only minor work is left (hence the commit).

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- Changed -wsrp.xml format to facilitate processing of producer info with respect to existence in the database.

- Updated test cases.

- Moved location of producer configuration file in preparation of adding more configuration files for hibernate.

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- Corrected comment.
- Hooked up db-backed persistence manager for registrations. Will require work on the consumer side to store/load registration info.
- Removed useless registration policy definition.
- Added support for policy configuration from the Producer configuration file.

- Improved robustness of configuration file parsing.

- Made producer depend on configuration service instead of the reverse.

- Updated test cases.

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- Started implementing a user interface for Consumer configuration. NOT FINISHED (mostly synchronization commit)!

- Added RegistrationInfo concept: needs more work and should replace access to RegistrationData from Consumer.

- Created registration package in wsrp and moved LocalizedString and RegistrationPropertyDescription to it.

- WSRP now depends on core until taglib is extracted.

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Re-factored producer configuration code and tests (registration-configuration -> producer-configuration).
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- Extracted registration to a proper module.

- Updated associated classes.

- Moved Producer configuration to a config package instead of being under registration.

- Updated build scripts and modules definition.

- Updated IDEA 6 modules.

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- Renamed RegistrationConfiguration to ProducerConfiguration since it will include more than just registration configuration.

- ProducerRegistrationRequirements now is able to notify listeners of changes to registration properties.

- RegistrationPropertyDescription now knows about its parent ProducerRegistrationRequirements so that changes can be propagated.

- RegistrationManager now listens for changes to registration configuration so that registrations can be invalidated.

- Fixed incorrect behavior of RegistrationHandler.isRegistrationValid.

- Simplified RegistrationManager handling of registrations.

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- RegistrationManager is now an interface for MBeans wiring.

- DefaultRegistrationPolicy and RegistrationPersistenceManagerImpl are now services and injected in RegistrationManager.

- Producer tests now work again (except for RegistrationTestCase which is being worked on).

- Implemented ConsumerCapabilities and moved consumer agent to Consumer.

- Added services wiring.

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- Registration configuration is now handled via a dedicated service reading an xml configuration file (default is portal-wsrp.sar/conf/config.xml).

- Reverted changes to deployer architecture.

- Added relevant tests.

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- Required registration is not a service, so shouldn't be handled like one.

- Producer can now access registration info via WSRPDeployer. This is pretty crappy so need to find a better solution if possible.

- Adapted service definitions...

- Tests still don't pass

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- Phase 1 of new Registration design: compiles but doesn't work yet (synching).

- Renamed RegistrationMetaData to ProducerRegistrationRequirements.

- Renamed (and re-designed) ConsumerRegistry to RegistrationPersistenceManager.

- Producer tests still broken.

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More registration work:

- RegistrationPolicy implementation is now injected via a MBean.

- Starting to take shape but still doesn't pass tests.

Next steps:

- Make the tests pass.

- Examine admin use case.

- Extract API.

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JBPORTAL-1084: updated headers.
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removing the obsolete session interceptor now that we have a better solution.
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implementing state handling on the consumer, still more work to do, but the main stuff is here.
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move jboss AS specific code to jems module.
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