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Sync Branch_2_6 with trunk

Servlet wrapper / JSF isolation

Splitting wrsp service and wsrp admin portlet

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- document the header injection of content in dtd
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- Started JSF implementation of WSRP Consumers configuration.

- Renamed portal.wsrp:service=ConsumersRegistry service to portal.wsrp:service=ConsumerRegistry.

- Added ProducerInfo.isRegistered method.

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- JBPORTAL-1264: Moved ConsumersRegistry* to wsrp.consumer and renamed the classes to ConsumerRegistry*.
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- Added DTD definition.
- Started implementing a user interface for Consumer configuration. NOT FINISHED (mostly synchronization commit)!

- Added RegistrationInfo concept: needs more work and should replace access to RegistrationData from Consumer.

- Created registration package in wsrp and moved LocalizedString and RegistrationPropertyDescription to it.

- WSRP now depends on core until taglib is extracted.

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