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Use the new interface of the Scheduler
- Cleaned-up NeedPortletHandleTest and adapted inheriting tests.

- Need to figure out what can be tested in ReleaseSessionTestCase since not much can be based on our implementation.

Cleaned up and added missing calls to package-tests target.
Fixed bug in output.
JBPORTAL-1120 - Upgraded TinyMCE to Version 2.0.8(2006-10-23); new plugins, many bug fixes for our out-of-date-version, and a supposed fix for the scriptaculous inclusion bug.
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JBPORTAL-1149 - tag header injection fix.
JBPORTAL-1149 - tag header injection fix.
JBPORTAL-1149 - tag header injection fix.
JBPORTAL-1149 - tag header injection fix.
JBPORTAL-1146 - error handling for file size issue.
moved text oriented utils into org.jboss.portal.common.text package
in directories.xml use "directory-name" instead of "name" in order to be consistent with the other test configuration files.
rename in datasources.xml display-name to datasource-name
added missing hibernate configurations for various databases tested by QA
minor improvements to portal objects :

- more complete javadoc

- introducer PortalContainer interface which is a container for portal objects

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minor javadoc improvement
JBPORTAL-1134 : explicitly set up hibernate dialect for portal testsuite
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- use microcontainer to instantiate identity modules

- introduce datasource into config

- update testsuite

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add an ant target to execute ha tests (test-ha)
- separate the session clustering tests as they conflict when they are executed in the same test case (xfiles, needs to be figured out)
tagging CR2 docs
bad markup was causing pdf gen to fail
bad markup was causing pdf gen to fail
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JBPORTAL-1139 - fixed window ordering

- Added dynamic region handling for window assignment

- fixed redirect on https when a portlet declares transport garantees that mandates it
Schedule portlet discovery every 30 seconds
- fixed CCE when the response from a render page command was not a PageRendition object