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  1. /trunk/bin/org/jboss/portal/search/federation
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Created a prototype of a portlet invoker that adapts google widgets as portlet called GoogleWidgetPortletInvoker
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  1. /trunk/widget/src/main/org/jboss/portal/widget
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- moved portlet info support to package org.jboss.portlet.support.info
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- Added implementation for getPortletPropertyDescription (untested).

- Added stub to check user authorization, needs to be implemented.

- Now use key instead of display name for the property name. Need to check that this is correct!

- Moved common.LocalizedString to wsrp.LocalizedString conversion method to WSRPUtils.

- Added more creation methods to WSRPTypeFactory.

Added minimal registration data since default configuration requires registration for our producer.
Improved handling of missing registration data so that it can be more easily reported to users.
- JBPORTAL-1158 : Secure instances in dashboard configurator

- made portal security exception unchecked

tagging 2.4.1
tagging 2.4.1
im not sure what the cms admin tool link was supposed to do, but i commented it out.
removing unused vars
JBPORTAL-1157 - Create links to dashboard configurator
JBPORTAL-1142 - added error handling in dashboard configure
Fine grained security integration into PortalCMS - [JBPORTAL-532],[JBPORTAL-328]
  1. /trunk/cms/src/main/org/jboss/portal/cms/security
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Fix and test the RegistrationPersistenceManager implemented with hibernate (without the portlet clone integration yet)
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JBPORTAL-1138 - delete page feature in dashboard configurator
- Finished implementing InstanceContext so that we can detect if the PortletContext was modified during the invocation.

- Fixed incorrect modification of the PortletContext (in essence, this file shouldn't have been commited last time ^_^;)

- dashboard configuration retooling.
more meaningful comment
forgot to add the new images
update login page, patch provided by Noel Rocher
removed useless comment
removed references to layout tld
removed ref to missing taglib
- Fixed a bug in createConsumer where incorrect name was passed for the Consumer (thanks Julien)

- Modified test so that group name doesn't shadow consumer name (which hid the bug).